Getting to know the Baribis Fault, the Great Earthquake Threat in South Jakarta

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Jakarta is said to be under threat earthquake due to existence sesar Baribis. How big is the threat? Previously, research revealed the potential for a large earthquake in the southern area of ​​Jakarta due to a fault, which is a fault or fracture in the earth’s surface that has movement, called … Read more

leather jacket, ankle boots and slim jeans to launch the Fête de la musique

If the political context is very tense with the results of the last elections, Emmanuel Macron displayed a beautiful smile on the stage erected in the courtyard of the Elysée alongside his wife Brigitte and music stars Youssou N’dour and Charlie Winston, on the occasion of the Fête de la Musique on June 21, 2022. … Read more

White shirt not only under the jacket. Play with the cut and vr …

Although the white shirt is one of the basic building blocks of wardrobes, it is a bit of a hassle for stylists and casual wearers alike. Even though it is a minimalist piece of clothing, not all of us look good in the traditional sense. It must fit perfectly For those of you who are … Read more

Katarzyna Cichopek in a fashionable pink styling. She looks like a teenager. ‘Beautiful jacket’

Katarzyna Cichopek gladly publishes photos in perfectly selected styles on Instagram. If you’re a fan of her style, you won’t have much of a problem inspiration there is really a lot. This time, she chose a youth set that she surely would he added her charm. Katarzyna Cichopek in pink styling The actress wore fashionable … Read more

KAI’s 3 Newest Steps Lead to Explosive Passengers in Manggarai

Jakarta – Lately, anker alias car boy a lot of huddle in Manggarai Station, South Jakarta. The route change in the context of Switch Over-5 (SO-5) is the reason. PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) then implemented three steps so that Manggarai Station would not become a location for passenger accumulation. SO-5 has been implemented since … Read more

Al Jazeera reporter killed “by the Israelis”: “He was wearing the press jacket”

A reporter from Al Jazeera, Shireen Abu Aqlehwas killed after being shot in the head during clashes between Palestinian militiamen and the Israeli army in the Jenin refugee camp in the West Bank.The reporter was considered an information veteran in the area and worked for Al Jazeera since 1997. The pan-Arab broadcaster, based in Qatar, … Read more

He was not armed, he had a press jacket. A well-known photojournalist died in Ukraine

Another journalist died in the fighting north of Kiev. The server informed about the death of the Ukrainian documentary filmmaker and photographer Maksym Levin on Saturday lb.uaaccording to whom the journalist was missing for almost three weeks. Levin, 40, was last seen on March 13 when he accompanied his entourage to the village of Huta-Mezhyhirsk … Read more

Letizia from Spain steals a trendy jacket from her daughter for an official release

People and royalty The Queen of Spain drew on the wardrobe of her eldest. When the roles are reversed. At 16, Leonor de Borbón y Ortiz continued her schooling away from the Kingdom of Spain. It is now at UWC Atlantic College, an establishment in Wales popular with monarchies, that the Crown Princess is broadening … Read more

Vladimir Putin was in an armored cage at a rally? What was he hiding under his jacket?

The armored cage in which Putin performed was supposed to be six meters long, says Wirtualna Polska after the Swedish newspaper “Expressen”. The diary states that she is only visible in photos taken from the stands, as Russian television masked her during the broadcast. These are not all the security measures surrounding the Russian president. … Read more