Persija Jakarta Gives Signal About Good News for The Jakmania, Any New Players Coming?

TRIBUNNEWSDEPOK.COM — The Jakmania is still waiting for updates on the squad Persija Jakarta, which will be prepared by the management of the Kemayoran Tigers to navigate the competition Liga 1 2022. Disassembly of the team carried out by the coach Persija Jakarta Thomas Doll in the trial and the 2022 President’s Cup tournament so far it … Read more

Ryohei Miyazaki Apologizes to Jakmania, Persib Bandung Supporters Show Shocking Attitude

TRIBUNWOW.COM – Japanese midfielder named Ryohei Miyazaki failed to get a place in Persija Jakarta. Persija Jakarta is the second team to refuse Ryohei Miyazaki after undergoing a trial. Previously, Ryohei Miyazaki had a trial with Persib Bandung and gave a similar answer. Ryohei Miyazaki joined the trial with Persib Bandung. ( Also read: Good … Read more

Interesting Facts about Persija vs Barito Putera results in the President’s Cup: Jakmania & Assistant Coach reactions

TRIBUNBATAM, SAMARINDA – Persija Jakarta supporters throughout the capital had to suffer another defeat. Favorite club, Persija Jakarta lost 0-2 to Barito Putera in the inaugural match of Group B President’s Cup 2022. This is the Kemayoran Tigers’ second defeat in the pre-League 1 stage. Previously, Thomas Doll’s team gave up 1-2 during the duel … Read more

After Ondrej Kudela, Jakmania Wants Persija to Get This Australian National Team Striker to Replace Simic

BANJARMASINPOST.CO.ID – Persija Jakarta managed to bring in one of the foreign players with a star label in League 1 transfer market. Czech national team defender, Ondrej Kudela successfully hooked to take part in the competition Liga 1 2022 this. Arrival Ondrej Kudela still not satisfying the management to return the fishing rod to hunt other foreign … Read more

Good News The Jakmania, Prospective Striker Substitute Marco Simic Says Deal With Persija Jakarta

TRIBUN-BALI.COM – Supporter group Persija Jakarta or The Jakmaniaslowly but surely seemed to have started to turn away from Marko Simic. Marco Simic known as the spearhead who have a deep role together Persija Jakarta in the last few seasons. The imported Croatian striker managed to record a slick achievement together Persija Jakarta while at … Read more

JIS Becomes Persija Headquarters, Head of The Jakmania Will Establish Communication with Supporters Around Jakarta

MUHAMMAD ALIF AZIZ MARDIANSYAH/BOLASPORT.COM Chairman of The Jakmania, Diky Soemarno, when met by the media at the Jakarta International Stadium, North Jakarta, 7 May 2022. BOLASPORT.COM – General Chair The Jakmania, Diky Soemarnoadmitted that he would build communication with supporters around Jakarta after the Jakarta International Stadium (JIS) became headquarters Persija Jakarta. Is known Persija … Read more

Aji Santoso’s Special Message for The Jakmania and Bonek, Ahead of Persebaya vs Persija in the Surabaya Mayor’s Cup – Coach Aji Santoso leave a special comment for The Jakmania and doll. It was before meeting him Persebaya oppose Persija from Surabaya Mayor’s Cup. Tim Ijo’s clothes potential to meet Kemayoran Tiger from Surabaya Mayor’s Cup which will be held from 1-11 June 2022. Also Read: Bonek awaited Taisei Marukawa during Persebaya vs … Read more

Rumors of Ryuji Utomo Joining Persib Bandung Strengthens because of This, Jakmania and Bobotoh Fight

TRIBUNPALU.COM – The Liga 1 transfer market is still lively with Persib Bandung. Persib Bandung has recently been rumored to be bringing in a number of well-known players. One of them is like the 1973 Persikabo striker, Ciro Alves. In addition, Persib Bandung also included Persija Jakarta’s fast wing, Osvaldo Haay, to the target list. … Read more

Persija Jakarta Swallowed 3 consecutive defeats, Jakmania Geruduk Bus Team

TRIBUNJATENG.COM – Persija Jakarta Supporters, Jakmaniathe Kemayoran Tigers bus after their proud team failed to get three points in the 30th week against Borneo FC. Persija Jakarta’s defeat against Borneo FC with a score of 1-2 made Jakmania angry and vented his anger. Not only venting his anger through social media, but the fans Jakmania … Read more