Janet Barboza throws out Edson Dávila LIVE: “You gave Mark Vito and the cameramen the key to your apartment” VIDEO farándula trcm | SHOWS

He told him without filters. In the recent broadcast of ‘America Today’, seen on Tuesday, May 9, Janet Barboza took advantage of a few minutes of the program to attack against Edson Davila. It all happened when Fabio Agostini was talking about Mark Vito, whom he considers his disciple. At that moment, Barboza took the … Read more

Karen Schwarz is excited because her daughters will witness her wedding with Ezio Oliva: “They will be part of this marriage” | America Today | anthony | Janet Barboza | Ethel Well | nav | videos | amtv | VIDEOS

Karen Schwarz spoke with ‘América Hoy’ and revealed details of her wedding with Ezio Oliva. The former host told how the idea of ​​marrying religious was born and she was moved when talking about her daughters, who will witness her union with the singer. “I am very excited for Ezio and myself, but above all … Read more

Janet compares Valeria Piazza with Richard Acuña’s wife: “Unlike Brunella Horna, she has experience” | ex-miss Peru | rating | America today | curlers | Janet Barboza | Brunella Horna | Valeria Piazza | | SHOWS

Janet Barboza is satisfied with the presence of Valeria Square in the program ‘América Hoy’ after the good rating of the morning show. In addition, the television presenter did not hesitate to compare her ex-partner Brunella Horna with ex-miss Peru. LOOK: One dead and 20 injured after an interprovincial bus crash with a trailer in … Read more

More Bad News from the US, Janet Yellen Threatens Economic Chaos

International Tommy Patrio SorongCNBC Indonesia News Monday, 08/05/2023 07:40 WIB Foto: Janet Yellen. (Alex Wong/Getty Images) Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – United States (US) Minister of Finance Janet Yellen warned of big economic consequences if the country’s parliament never increases the debt limit. This happened when Uncle Sam’s country was threatened with default because it could … Read more

Janet Yellen Brings Bad News, US Economic Catastrophe is Right in Front of Our Eyes

Jakarta – The United States (US) Finance Minister, Janet Yellen, again warned that a major disaster could occur if the US debt ceiling failed to be raised. Uncle Sam’s country’s economy is likely to decline sharply. Launching CNBC, Monday (8/5/2023), Yellen also reminded again that the US Treasury Department might run out of steps to … Read more

Empty Cash, Janet Yellen Worried the US Defaulted on Debt on June 1

CNN Indonesia Wednesday, 03 May 2023 08:26 WIB US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is worried that her government will default on debt on June 1 if the US Congress does not raise the government’s debt ceiling. (REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst). Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — US Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen worried that the government would defaultdefault) … Read more

How many years are Janet Barboza and Gianella Neyra apart and why did they argue in “Mujeres de la PM”?

The television hosts Gianella Neyra and Janet Barboza they had an altercation in ‘Women of the PM‘. What was the reason? Here we tell you. Janet Barboza and Gianella Neyra have an awkward moment due to their age. How many years are they? A controversy by the age. In the last broadcast of “Women of … Read more

Would Melissa Paredes replace Brunella Horna in ‘America Today’? “Work is work” Ethel Pozo and Janet Barboza | EXCLUSIVE | FARANDULA – IMP | SHOWS

The actress and host Melissa Paredes expressed solidarity for the bad health moment that Brunella Horna is going through and pointed out that she would have no problem replacing her in the conduction of “América hoy”, in addition, she clarified that she does not hold a grudge against her former colleagues Ethel Pozo or Janet … Read more

Paolo Hurtado: Janet Barboza to Christian Domínguez for commenting on Jossmery Toledo: “You’re not the right one to talk about it” Rosa Fuentes VIDEO farándula trcm | SHOWS

She was not silent. drivers of ‘America Today’ They used a large number of minutes of the program to talk about Paolo Hurtado’s new ampay and the soccer player’s chats with his still wife, Rosa Fuentes. During the conversation, Janet Barboza was silent, something that Edson Dávila took advantage of to start playing practical jokes … Read more

Fight for the children of “Allicia” and show fit and conquer “Janet” sitting on the throne of Muay Thai alone.

“Allicia Hellen Rodrigues” screamed with her body ready to fight for her child, proving her skills to become the true atomweight queen of Muay Thai. “Allicia Hellen Rodrigues” ONE Atomweight Muay Thai World Champion (105 – 115 Por.) Announced to knock out “Janet Todd” ONE Interim Atomweight Muay Thai World Champion To deciding to rise … Read more