Michał Moskal. How much does 27-year-old secretary Jarosław Kaczyński earn?

The 27-year-old has been associated with the PiS community for years, but the public got to know Michał Moskal only recently. For the first time, political observers noticed him when it turned out that an activist had become the director of the Presidential Office of Law and Justice. This little exposed function is particularly important … Read more

Jarosław Kaczyński on Tusk’s future in Polish politics: it would be quite a risky action

PiS leader and Deputy Prime Minister Jarosław Kaczyński commented in “Gazeta Polska” on Donald Tusk’s return to Polish politics – Without changing the tax system, we will not introduce other elements of the Polish Order. I have no doubts that it will be very unfavorable for the development of our country, for its future – … Read more

Jarosław Kaczyński reacts to the actions of Israel

„Impudent and unacceptable ”- with these words Jarosław Kaczyński commented on the statements of Yair Lapid, the Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs after the amendment to the Code of Administrative Procedure. The President of the Law and Justice party also drew attention to the activities of the Polish opposition: “it has once again turned out … Read more

Jarosław Kaczyński on the Sanacja resolution: there will be one exception

In his speech on Sunday during the PiS political council, President Kaczyński stressed that the party should implement the resolution adopted on Saturday, which he called the Sanacja According to it, spouses, children, siblings and parents of PiS deputies and senators cannot sit on the supervisory boards of state-owned companies. – Because you have to … Read more

Jarosław Kaczyński in two different shoes? The truth about the shoes of the PiS president. PICTURES

Jarosław Kaczyński attended the founding congress of Adam Bielan’s new political party, the Republican Party. This gesture of the PiS president, which was a sign of his support for the new initiative, was widely commented on. But even more interest, at least from some social media users, aroused Kaczyński’s shoes. Opposition politicians and commentators, who … Read more

He says he knows what happened to Jarosław Ziętara. “They dissolved it in acid”

The circumstances of the death of Jarosław Ziętara, a journalist from “Gazeta Poznańska”, were described to “Głos Wielkopolski” by a man who himself reported to the editorial office. Zdzisław K. said that Ziętara was killed and his body was dissolved in acid; he died because of his work. The symbolic grave of Jarosław Ziętara / … Read more

What is President Jarosław Kaczyński preparing? We know who visited him on Nowogrodzka

President Jarosław Kaczyński apparently has no intention of going to political and party retirement. This week, his office door at ul. Nowogrodzka practically did not close. After winning the presidential election of Andrzej Duda, he was visited by the most important politicians from his party, including guests from abroad. Thursday afternoon. The Minister of Justice … Read more