NBA playoffs, Jayson Tatum drag and Boston dominates Miami in Game-4: it is 2-2 in the series

5/8 Miami instead collapses in a match in which the Heat quintet literally never makes a basket: Max Strus and PJ Tucker closed at 0Kyle Lowry scores three points, while Jimmy Butler puts in six with 3/14 from the field and not even a free throw attempted. Bam Adebayo, on the other hand, closes with … Read more

NBA playoff, Jayson Tatum monstrous from 46 points in game-6: the reactions of the NBA world

The All-Star of the Celtics plays a legendary game, closed with 46 points, 7/15 from the arc and 9 rebounds to avoid the elimination of Boston and thus forcing a game-7 to be followed also on Sky Sport channels. A performance that did not go unnoticed, also celebrated by some of his colleagues (and special … Read more

“2021-22 Playoff Watch” Have you watched Jayson Tatum’s defense? – NBA – Basketball

cover art by Little People Max The God of Killing The Nets stumbled all the way this season, after Kyrie Irving refused to take a vaccine and missed the game, Kevin Durant suffered a knee injury in the middle of the season, and finally James Harden was dissatisfied with the request to leave the team … Read more

“2022 Playoffs” one-sided battle, the predicament of the Nets double star, a more mature Jayson Tatum – NBA – Basketball

The Nets, who had lost both on the road in the first two games of the series, returned to G3 to face the Celtics at home. Unfortunately, they still failed to regain a city and fell into an absolute backwardness of 0 wins and 3 losses. KDCan’t escape from Celtic’s net The main reason why … Read more

Jayson Tatum has surpassed Kevin Durant: word of Paul Pierce. DATA of the series

6/8 Tatum is the main reason why Durant is shooting with 36.5% in the series on just 17.3 shots per game, with more turnovers (5.7) than assists per game (5.3) and just 22 points scored, mainly the result of the many free throws in Game-2 (18/20). In the first two games, when scored by Tatum, … Read more

Boxing: WBC cancels Tibo Monabesa’s win over Jayson Vayson

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The World Boxing Council (WBC) did not acknowledge victory Tibo Monabesa against Filipino boxer Jayson Vayson in the defense of his WBC International light flyweight title (48.9kg) at Holywings Gatsu Club V, Jakarta, 27 February. The decision is contained in a letter signed by the President WBC Mauricio Sulaiman addressed to the … Read more