ryuchell, “dragon pattern tattoo” on the left arm is visible and announced that he once carved the name of peco & son: J-CAST News[Full text]

On January 19, 2023, media personality ryuchell reported on Instagram that she had extensions. In the video posted on the Instagram of the beauty salon in charge on the 22nd, ryuchell’s left arm can be seen with a tattoo of a dragon pattern. Mr. ryuchell (Photo: Motoo Naka/Aflo) From ryuchell’s Instagram (ryuzi33world929) In 2018, he … Read more

“Wearable Bead Cushion” Unexpected Commercialization “It Can’t Sell” Many Oppositions Within the Company … Manufacturer Surprised by Unexpected Popularity: J-CAST News[Full text]

A product that can be worn with bead cushions, “wearable bead cushions,” is attracting attention. It is said that you can sit and roll while wearing a round and firm cushion. On Twitter, it became a hot topic due to the visuals when wearing it, and surprised voices such as “Why did you decide to … Read more

The sales floor for “Oni goods” for Setsubun is “Shuraba” Popular competition (refreshing): J-CAST TV watch[full text display]

“It’s a competition for Setsubun goods,” announcer Keisuke Mori cut out in “Sukkiri” on January 24 (January 2023), as customers flooded in for Setsubun goods sold for a limited time by the miscellaneous goods chain “3COINS.” topic. Happy Setsubun (picture is an image) Hiromi: “3COINS, which sells this for 550 yen, is really amazing.” “3COINS” … Read more

“You guys are not tall, Akan” “Comment column Hobby Hobby” “A man who is not 170 cm has no human rights” Flaming ex-pro gamer defiant provocation: J-CAST News[Full text]

On January 20, 2023, Tanukana, a former professional gamer whose contract was canceled from the professional e-sports team he belonged to, was criticized for saying, “There are no human rights” for men under 170 cm tall. Live broadcast for the first time after the riot. From Tanukana’s Twitter (@kana_xiao) From Tanukana’s Twitter (@kana_xiao) “I’m sorry … Read more

Over 1.6 million subscribers YouTuber “To 1/20 of earnings” Drastically decreased from the heyday … “I can’t really laugh” Confession of the current situation: J-CAST News[Full text]

On January 14, 2023, old YouTuber “PDS Co., Ltd.” confessed in a video released on its official YouTube channel that its earnings had fallen to one-twentieth of its heyday. From “PDS Co., Ltd.” YouTube video “I used to be the best YouTuber in Japan” PDS Co., Ltd. is a YouTuber belonging to the YouTuber office … Read more

“Don’t go” pretending to buy food for a homeless woman … Laughter left behind at the cash register Rush to criticism of the video, the city also grasps: J-CAST News[full text display]

A controversial video was posted online showing a homeless elderly woman pretending to buy food and leaving her at a convenience store register. It is believed to have been posted on TikTok, and a search reveals many other videos harassing the woman. She inquired about the situation at the department in charge of homeless protection … Read more

Gochi new member ‘Third hint’ laughs online Silhouette, shoe size ‘only one person’: J-CAST News[Full text]

The first and second new members of the popular corner “Gourmet Chicken Race Gochi ni Naru!” of “Guru Guru Ninety-Nine” (NTV) were announced on January 19, 2023. At the same time, at the end of the program, the silhouette of a third person was projected on the screen, and many viewers said that it was … Read more

Suzu Hirose’s “Kyushu dialect” is “too uncomfortable” TBS new drama points out one after another… The scriptwriter is “Don’t get angry”: J-CAST News[Full text]

The first episode of the TV drama “Yuwa ni ni wa tsunagu te tsunagu” (TBS series) will be broadcast on January 17, 2023, and attention is focused on the dialect of the heroine from the Kyushu region, played by Suzu Hirose. ing. Suzu Hirose Soramame “My words are Nagasaki and Miyazaki champon.” This work is … Read more

“I tried to stop the person running at the last train” BreakingDown contestants’ plan was flooded with criticism… The person himself has no regrets: J-CAST News[Full text]

A video posted by Kenjiro Higa and Yoshihiro Higa, a duo of TikTokers “Twin Ken & Yoshi” who participated in the martial arts event “Breaking Down 6”, has caused controversy. “Twins tried to stop people running just before the last train because it was dangerous” (from [email protected]) “If you do this just before the last … Read more

“Completely beaten” Customer disappointment with meat sushi different from the photo → Specialty store is a helping hand “Eat the real thing” Unbelievable free invitation: J-CAST News[full text display]

“Please try real meat sushi.” — The owner of a specialty restaurant, who disliked the Twitter user who complained that the izakaya he had reserved had served a dish different from the one in the image, served the dish to him for free. The contributors are grateful to the specialty store, saying, “The bad impression … Read more