Jeanne Dubska in France makes travel companions afraid of their lives – TV – – Entertainment

Although the passengers were not fastened in the parking lot at the beginning, they did so immediately after the woman’s first attempt to drive the car to be safe in case something happened. Jeanne explained that she had done so for financial reasons: “I took a small and economical car because I calculated that during … Read more

From Jeanne Sauvé to Mary Simon

Thirty-seven years separate Mary Simon, first Indigenous person to become Governor General, by Jeanne Sauvé, the first woman to hold the post. During this brief period, Canada has changed a lot. Photo d’archives Jeanne Sauvé served as Governor General from 1984 to 1990. Appointed by Pierre-Elliott Trudeau while the “French power” was at the helm … Read more

Shepelev lucky or gigolo? Dmitry’s bride turned out to be a real rich

After Jeanne Friske, the host, suspiciously, again chooses a rich girl. No one even suspected, but the bride of Dmitry Shepelev was a real rich man. Is it possible to consider it a coincidence that this is the second passion in a row leading many times richer than him? In fact, the situation with Ekaterina … Read more

No wonder they suffered for 5 years! The Friske family “knocked out” Shepelev’s permission to communicate with his grandson

Such an outcome was reported by an insider. Jeanne would be glad for the long-awaited reconciliation of her relatives. Dmitry Shepelev and the family of Jeanne Friske have been waging a fierce “struggle” for about five years – just as many as the singer has not been alive … It seemed that this would never … Read more