British Innovation in Corona Virus Rapid Test, Results Get in 1.5 Hours

PORTAL JEMBER – Test to detect viruses corona in one’s body is one of the main keys in combating this pandemic. With early detection, prevention of transmission efforts, especially from those who fall into the category without symptoms, can be maximized. In addition, for patients themselves, the hope of recovery can also be even greater … Read more

After 5G, Samsung re-develops 6G technology that will be mass commercialized in 2030

PORTAL JEMBER – The development of technology now is very rapid, recently, Samsung Electronics expects that the sixth generation service (6G) can commercialize in the next 2030. Currently, Samsung is working to build technology standards 6G. Even, Samsung already estimated that the technology standard 6G will be completed in 2028. Also Read: Many V BTS … Read more