Jennifer Lopez, Elon Musk and those de-gender children

Singer Jennifer Lopez duets with her daughter calling her “them”; the son of Tesla’s father Elon Musk changes his name, surname and sex and disavows his sonship with the billionaire. Pandemic of onomastic madness, from the war between the sexes we ended up with the war between “genders”. Pandemic of onomastic madness and war between … Read more

The evolution of Emme Muñiz, daughter of Jennifer López and Marc Anthony

At 14 years old, Emme Maribel Muniz He has made a lot of headlines, even before he was born, for his famous dads. The latest news is that his mother introduced him on stage using neutral pronouns. In each appearance of her we have seen her go from being a girl wrapped in feminine dresses … Read more

Jennifer Lopez uses a neutral pronoun to introduce her child Emme on stage

Jennifer Lopez referenced her child Emme using a neutral pronoun for his duet during a concert this week. The singer has produced Thursday, June 16 at Los Angeles, and hosted Emme Maribel Muniz14, on stage at the gala Blue Diamond of the LA foundation Dodgers. To present Emmethe star used “they/them” in English, neutral pronoun … Read more

Marc Anthony: the truth behind Don’t love me, the song he performs with Jennifer Lopez | United States Celebs | FAME

In 1999, two young singers who they made their way into the market of international music came together to perform one of the most popular songs of that year. It was like that Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez They sang “Don’t Love Me”. The ballad, included on the album “On the 6” of JLowas one … Read more

Jennifer Aniston: – In severe weather:

Jennifer Aniston (53) receives massive criticism after a comment she made during an “Actors on Actors” interview with “Pam & Tommy” star Sebastian Stan (39) for Variety. Joked about the breakup During the conversation, Aniston and Stan began talking about the infamous sex video leak of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee in 1995, and this … Read more

‘Halftime’, Jennifer Lopez’s touching documentary on Netflix

whether you like it or you don’t like it Jennifer Lopez as a singer and as an actress, you will recognize that she is one of the most important characters of the current ‘star system’. We are waiting for your looks at every eventwe are surprised by your evolution over the decadesis able to leave … Read more

Jennifer Lopez ignites social media with a very elegant look

The international star participatedJennifer LopezThe audience has a new set of photos through her own account, which ignited social networking sites. Jennifer Lopez appeared with a very elegant look, as she wore tight pants and a narrow beige top and over it a long coat, and defined the waist area with a belt of the … Read more

‘It was the WORST idea in the world’: Jennifer Lopez angry at having to share her Super Bowl show with Shakira

In 2020, the halftime show of the Super Bowl was provided by Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. Although the two singers played the game at Hard Rock Stadium from Miami, it turns out J.Lo. didn’t feel very good about having to put on a headlining show in half the time. © Belgium “It’s something I’ve worked … Read more

Jennifer Lopez, Celebrity | Jennifer Lopez caught on the peach after photo cheating

It’s no secret that people like to resort to editing tools to showcase a polished version of themselves on social media. Recently, it has also been a sport to expose celebrities and other famous faces in what are supposed to be edited and retouched representations of reality, and several celebrities both here in Norway and … Read more