BTS, who are likely to solve the military service issue, local report before Busan concert on October 15 “MAGNATE” run by Jimin’s father is a place for local residents to relax (1/4) | JBpress (JBpress)

“MAGNATE” run by Jimin’s father is a place for local residents to relax BTS appointed as PR ambassadors for the Busan Expo (Photo: YONHAP NEWS/Aflo) Go to gallery page (Miran Tanaka: Korean writer) BTS, a Korean male group that has been attracting the attention and attention of fans around the world, “ARMY”, due to issues … Read more

Kim Jun-ho During Chuseok ♥ I didn’t go to Kim Ji-min’s home… It doesn’t mean you don’t want to get married.

Comedian Kim Jun-ho announced his marriage to comedian Kim Ji-min, who he was in a public relationship with, and at the same time boasted the appearance of a ‘love man’, the representative of the entertainment industry. On the 13th, SBS ‘Shoes off, Stones for Men’ (hereafter ‘Dolls for Men’, broadcaster Do Kyung-wan, interior designer Jay-Won, … Read more

“If I stay in the hospital for two years because I’m injured, will you take care of me?” Kim Ji-min’s answer to Kim Jun-ho’s question is sweet pumpkin itself (Miwoo Bird)

Send articles on social media Send article to Facebook Send articles to Twitter Send article to Kakao Story Send articles to KakaoTalk Send article to Copy URL Find other shares Kim Ji-min and Kim Jun-ho couple Comedian Kim Jun-ho, who seldom drives due to his ‘closet license’, started driving. It is because of his lover … Read more

Jimin’s brother proves to be just as handsome as him, look at ARMY’s reaction

Jimin He is considered the most handsome member of the group, in addition to having great talent, and being part of one of the main members of the band, he is described as the older brother in his family, although all the idols keep their secrets. loved ones, the identity of his brother or someone … Read more

BTS: Jimin’s brother drives the ARMY crazy, he’s just as handsome as him

Jimin de BTS is one of the main singers within the K-Pop band. Despite being one of the members in the middle, in his family he acts as the older brother. Although idols often keep their loved ones private, ARMY seems to have discovered the identity of this boy. It is unusual for BTS family … Read more

All of a sudden, announcing marriage… Kim Jong-guk and Park Se-ri’s love line → Kim Jun-ho ♥ Kim Ji-min’s devotees revealed Miu Bird

” SBS ‘My Little Old Boy’ broadcast screen./ SBS ‘My Little Old Boy’ was dyed pink on a spring day. From the love line between Kim Jong-guk and Pak Se-ri to the reveal of Kim Jun-ho and Kim Ji-min’s devotees, it shook the hearts of viewers. On SBS ‘My Little Old Boy’, which was broadcast … Read more

Jimin’s ex-girlfriend opens up about their relationship and reveals everything about the artist

Have you imagined how it can be Jimin Like boyfriend? Well this girl has revealed all the details and ARMY She has been completely enchanted. Although the story told by the girl is not entirely confirmed, the young woman who identified herself as Jimin’s ex-girlfriend, a member of BTS, He reported on social networks that … Read more

“The warmest person I know♥” Han Hyo-joo → Han Ji-min’s birthday friendship

[스포츠서울 박효실기자] Actress Han Hyo-joo celebrated Han Ji-min’s 40th birthday. Han Hyo-joo posted a photo of the two of them together on her SNS at midnight on November 5, Han Ji-min’s birthday. In the photo, Han Ji-min is wearing a blue beanie and a striped shirt and smiling brightly while looking at the birthday candles. … Read more

BTS: Jimin’s photo that went viral after appearing at the UN, apologized for this reason

BTS captured the eyes of world leaders during the 75 UN General Assembly. The K-Pop group attended the diplomatic event as South Korean presidential representatives to deliver a speech on future generations, the pandemic, and climate change. In 2018 it was his first visit, his leader RM He was in charge of raising the voice … Read more