A drunk priest was saying mass. The archbishop has already punished him [OŚWIADCZENIE KURII]

On Monday, local media reported that one of the priests in Białystok was celebrating mass completely drunk. The consequences have already been drawn against him. Fot: J. Fiedoruk The media in Białystok received information that last Sunday in the parish of St. Jadwiga Królowej Mass was celebrated by the local vicar, who was under the … Read more

Temporary job change: Qantas is looking for 100 executives to load suitcases for three months

The airline is looking for 100 managers to temporarily help load baggage. Not part-time, but full-time and for three months. Two pilots pitched in. In Manchester in May, a member of Tui’s cockpit crew helped load suitcases and bags onto the plane so its flight to Crete could take off on time. A pilot from … Read more

Russian forces continue to fight in Ukraine. 1,800 kilometers away, their job is to keep the peace.

KYIV, UKRAINE (Aftenposten): The conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh flares up. Russian soldiers play a central role in preventing it from escalating. The remains of Russian tanks are a sight in the center of Kyiv. Photo: Gina Grieg Riisnæs In the center of Kyiv, destroyed Russian tanks are on display. Women and men, young and old, look … Read more

KIA again with ‘Saturday’ in ‘Ten to see’: “I owe my job and even my wife to that hit”

Cliff Vrancken brings his number 1 hit again after 25 years. — © VTM KIA had barely stood on a podium in 1996, when they were already asked for Ten To See. With good reason, because of their debut single Saturday More than 30,000 pieces were sold. The song, which acquired cult status, could be … Read more

Mai Charoenpura is unable to take a break from the big concert. Preparing for a foreign job tour – fresh news

Mai Charoenpura is unable to take a break from the big concert. Preparing for a foreign tour Follow the news, press follow, live news After a long break, releasing music until the fans ask and also miss the big concert of the young singer New Charoenpura Recently, the young singer came to join the sacrifice … Read more

Strong job creation in the US dims the omens of a recession | Economy

The July data is much better than expected and the continued robustness of the labor market gives the US government a break, in the midst of a debate on whether the world’s largest economy is already in a recession scenario. The strong job creation recorded in July in USAwith more than half a million new … Read more

SRF presenter Fabienne Gyr – happiness in love and in the job – news

contents The popular presenter is newly married – her single name “Bamert” does not mourn afterwards. Fabienne Bamert moves routinely on the TV floor. Since 2020, the Zug native has been known to the SRF audience as the “Samschtig-Jass” and “SRF bi de Lüt – Live” presenter. But not only professionally, but also privately, things … Read more