Cooking Oil Prices Drop, Jokowi’s Weapon Really Powerful?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Cooking oil prices have been observed to decline in various regions. This happened shortly after the policy to ban the export of crude palm oil (crude palm oil/ CPO) and a number of its derivative products. Based on the findings of CNBC Indonesia, cooking oil stocks fill the shelves in modern … Read more

Calculating the Profits and Loss of Jokowi’s Palm Oil Export Ban

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – President Joko Widodo issued a policy of banning the export of CPO since April 28, 2022. This policy received quite a variety of responses, including the assumption that it was counterproductive. However, this policy is not without reason. President Jokowi has decided to temporarily close the faucet for the export of … Read more

Jokowi’s 2024 Speeds the Longest Toll Road Through Bandung, Here’s the Route

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The central government has accelerated regional development projects, especially in Java, including West Java. One of the projects being accelerated is the construction of the longest toll road candidate in Indonesia, namely the Getaci Toll Road (Gedebage – Tasikmalaya – Cilacap) along 206 Km. West Java is one of the things … Read more

The Marriage of the Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court Anwar Usman and Jokowi’s younger brother Held May 26 in Solo

Solo, CNN Indonesia — Marriage of the Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court (MK) Anwar Usman with President Joko Widodo’s younger brother, Idayati officially registered with the Office of Religious Affairs (KUA) Banjarsari, Solo. The head of the Banjarsari KUA, Arba’in Basyar, said that the registration was carried out by representatives of President Jokowi’s family, … Read more

Freeport boss talks about Jokowi’s plan to build a ‘gold bank’ in Indonesia

Jakarta – PT .’s new copper smelter Freeport Indonesia in Gresik will produce downstream products, including copper to gold cathodes. PTFI President Director Tony Wenas said this had something to do with the plan to build a gold bank or bullion bank in Indonesia. “Of course it has something to do with (with bullion banks) … Read more

Refly Sindir Anies Defeats Jokowi’s Prestige, Brings Up Short Axis

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Main Expert Staff of the Presidential Staff Office (KSP) Ali Mochtar Ngabalin dubbed advocate Refly Harun as the short axis. He did this after Refly mentioned the President Joko Widodo lost in prestige to the governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan. Ngabalin questions Refly’s mindset. He admitted that he was surprised … Read more

Pros and Cons of Jokowi’s CPO Export Ban

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) issued an export ban CPO and cooking oil. This was aimed at lowering the price of cooking oil and hoisting its stock which was scarce. The policy was released on Thursday (28/4), after a row of assistant ministers was judged to have failed to reduce the price … Read more

The moment Jokowi’s cellphone fell after a group photo at the Yogyakarta Presidential Palace, here’s his reaction

TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – President Joko Widodo conducted Head of State activities at the Presidential Palace, Gedung Agung, Yogyakarta, on Wednesday (4/5/2022). While taking a group photo in front of the Palace, it looks cell phone hers had fall in the hands of paspampres. Then this moment became the public spotlight. It started when Jokowi came out … Read more

When Jokowi’s cellphone fell at the Yogyakarta Presidential Palace… Page all

YOGYAKARTA, – Mobile President Joko Widodo had fallen on the stairs Presidential palace Great Building, Yogyakarta. The incident occurred on the sidelines of the Head of State’s activities at the Presidential Palace, Gedung Agung, Wednesday (4/5/2022). Initially, President Jokowi exit the main building of the Presidential Palace, Gedung Agung. President Jokowi then took a photo … Read more

Make you laugh, take a peek at Kaesang’s funny comments on Jokowi’s Eid uploads

Monday, 2 May 2022 – 12:25 WIB VIVA – President Joko Widodo with his wife, Iriana Jokowi celebrates Eid al-Fitr in the Special Region Yogyakarta. The information was conveyed directly by Jokowi in an upload on Facebook Instagram personal. Jokowi uploaded a photo showing his togetherness with his wife and baby, Kaesang Pangarep. Jokowi wore … Read more