JOM enters the residential business with a project of 20 million in Porto

Olimpo Studios started to be built in February of this year. © D.R. April 17, 2021 • 11:16 The JOM group, which owns a network of 23 furniture and household goods stores in the country, and two furniture factories, is building 160 T0 apartments next to the Asprela university campus, in Porto, in an investment of … Read more

“Jom Khwan” launches The MATTER program LIVE every 7 pm on Friday.

after“Jomkhwan Lao Phet” The famous interviewer waved goodbye to quit asking directly to the Thairath TV channel. Since the beginning of last year Where will the fans be watching? Amid the rumors that exist continuously Last (March 2), it was clear page. THE MATTER Post the opening clip of “Chom Khwan” along with the message … Read more