Do they remove the fences from La Bombonera? “We want”

Jorge Amor Ameal, president of Xeneize, acknowledged that after removing acrylics, the possibility of removing the wires behind the arches is under evaluation. The modifications of La Bombonera since Jorge Amor Ameal He assumed the presidency of Boca included painting, new popular sectors and the removal of acrylics, a measure that was approved by the … Read more

Ameal: “We think of Russo for 10 years in Boca”

Jorge Amor Ameal enjoys having obtained the Superliga title, snatching it from River on the last date, from the hand of Miguel Ángel Russo, who came to replace Gustavo Alfaro from this year. Now, once again, the president made clear his support for DT. When asked promptly about the desire of Martín Palermo to lead … Read more