The ghost of actor Jorge Navarro appears to neighbors

Say neighbors of the colony Eastern Agricultural who occasionally “come” to Jorge Navarro Sánchez, the actor who died a year ago during the recordings of the Televisa series “Without fear of the truth.” His ghost, say the people who live near where an action scene was recorded and that ended in tragedy, wanders through the … Read more

Jorge Molina has goal insurance at his incredible 38 years: he has already scored 229

Jorge Molina, or if you prefer Jorge ‘Golina’, by profession, his goals. At his spectacular 38 years (which of course does not appear at all) he is already the top producer of Granada this season, seven goals, including League, Cup and Europa League. One more than Yangel Herrera and the only one who has scored … Read more

Film cycle of actor Jorge Perugorría will be exhibited

Film cycle of actor Jorge Perugorría will be exhibited 2021-01-06 05:55:08 / Doing Radio Ten films have been chosen to make up the “Jorge Perugorría” cycle, a selection that includes national and international productions starring the famous actor, and which will be shown at the La Rampa cinema from today until January 17. With the … Read more

Lawyer Jorge Turbay Ceballos dies of COVID-19 – Entre Ceja y Ceja

La Ceja regrets tonight the death of lawyer and politician Jorge Turbay Ceballos, COVID-19 takes a new victim in the land of bicycles and flowers. Turbay, a renowned criminal lawyer from Antioquia, was president of the Liberal Party in Antioquia, a former deputy and candidate for the House of Representatives. He was also one of … Read more

#AGROVA | #AGRO How was the year 2020 for fertilization in Argentina? // Interview with Jorge Bassi from (Fertilize AC) – LED.FM

Society There are 41,534 deaths and 1,524,372 infected in Argentina since the start of the pandemic. Economy The aid ranges from subsidized credits to access to a complementary salary. International The tourist city is once again a red flag, which means risk 3 to combat the pandemic. Geek The North American company seeks to exploit … Read more

From Jorge Ubico to the coronavirus – Prensa Libre

In 2020, derived from the Coronavirus Pandemic, economic activity was affected. 33% of the balance of bank loans have resorted to the renegotiation of the conditions of the loans, invited to do so by the Monetary Board, and at the initiative of the Superintendency of Banks. The same was done previously in the government of … Read more

Jorge Javier Vázquez leaves television and signs for Pedro Sánchez as head of communication

Jorge Javier Vázquez says goodbye to television after 23 years of experience in Antena 3 and Telecinco and goes on to lead the Government’s communication cabinet. The day had to come and it has come. Jorge Javier Vázquez leaves television forever after signing for the Government of Pedro Sánchez as one of the main managers … Read more

Verónica Forqué ruins her interview in the ‘Deluxe’ for this comment to Jorge Javier

26/12/2020 – 23:23 Updated: 12/27/2020 – 00:31 Veronica Forqué has been released in ‘Saturday Deluxe’. The charismatic actress has attended Jorge Javier Vázquez’s program for the first time to review her long professional and personal life. How could it be otherwise, the veteran actress has spoken openly about all the topics that, according to her, … Read more