Judicial reform: militant journalist Ezequiel Guazzora was attacked again

They again attacked the militant journalist, Ezequiel Guazzora Source: LA NACION – Credit: Fabián Marelli Like the day before yesterday, in the eve that was mounted on the Congress in the previous treatment in the Senate of the judicial reform, the militant journalist Ezequiel Guazzora was attacked yesterday by a group of protesters and had … Read more

Shows: Eyal Berkover insults and discriminates journalist Samuel Suárez in controversy

Updated 08/27/2020 at 09:53 The model Eyal Berkover, who became known in Lima for his participation in Combate and ‘Esto es Guerra’, has been accused of discriminating against the journalist Samuel Suárez, who published an audio on his Instagram account where he attacked him, just because he published some photographs in his program ‘Instarándula’ In … Read more

The journalist “Question for breakfast” was immediately thrown onto the pavement. He reveals the shocking truth about working in TVP, nobody expected

“Question for Breakfast” by TVP without Macademian Girl. The journalist revealed how she was treated by her employer. She recorded a 40-minute video. She did not leave a dry thread at the public station. Are exploitation and exploitation a working condition in the public media? Breakfast programs have aroused great emotions for several days. It … Read more

Journalist’s Work Easier, Microsoft Word Can Describe Audio

SUKABUMIUPDATE.com – Journalists and journalists often rely on audio recording devices, especially during press events or interviews. This can be a little tedious especially if the interview is long, and replaying and forwarding can take a lot of time. The good news, this problem can be overcome by using Microsoft Word. Yes, the company from … Read more

Myrka Dellanos describes her lifestyle in the face of chronic illness

August 24, 2020 – 17:08 12 years ago Myrka Dellanos said in an interview that she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. After that, the journalist adopted a healthy lifestyle MIAMI.- Even though the journalist Myrka Dellanos suffers from gestational diabetes, in her social networks she appears increasingly slimmer and with a healthy appearance. 12 years … Read more

Brazilian President Bolsonaro threatens journalist after questioning his wife

Jair Bolsonaro, who was speaking on the sidelines of a visit to the Metropolitan Cathedral of Brasilia, was subsequently revived by the journalists present on the spot on this threat but left without commenting further. The words of the Head of State, known for his outspokenness and his controversial statements, were immediately denounced by the … Read more

Brazil: Bolsonaro threatens indiscreet journalist

The Brazilian president threatened a journalist with punches while being questioned about a case of alleged embezzlement of wages. Jair Bolsonaro on August 23, 2020 in Brasilia. AFP Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro on Sunday threatened to physically attack a journalist. The latter questioned him about checks for 22,000 dollars (20,056 francs) that his wife would … Read more

Two children die in three weeks: the pain of TV journalist Larry King. “I have a broken heart”

NEW YORK – Annus horribilis for the legendary American journalist Larry King, 86: After suffering a stroke in May and some time after divorcing his wife Shawn after 22 years, the historic CNN face lost two children in just over three weeks. “It is with great sadness and the broken heart of a father that … Read more

Latvian Journalists’ Association Excellence Awards presented at a solemn ceremony – Society and Politics – News

Jānis Vingris, a journalist of the portal “Tvnet”, received the excellence award in the category “News Reporting” tonight. In the category “Analytics / Research”, the prize was awarded to the series “Operation: Central Market Cigarette Mafia” created by the Latvian Television (LTV) program “Forbidden Method”. Ingus Bērziņš, the editor-in-chief of the portal “Delfi.lv”, was recognized … Read more

Peskov explained the refusal to transport Navalny by the decision of doctors :: Politics :: RBC

When asked by journalists about the appeal of Navalny’s associates, Peskov replied that he was not aware of this. “I don’t know that any appeal came. But here we probably don’t need any extra bureaucracy. You know that a plane flew there from Germany. Our doctors invited doctors who arrived from Germany by plane to … Read more