▶️ VIDEOS | Beto Ortiz on Patricia del Río: She was never a journalist

She also recalled her time as Martha Hildebrandt’s secretary. VIDEOS | Beto Ortiz on Patricia del Río: She was never a journalist. Beto Ortiz, presenter of the program ‘Beto a Saber’, attacked patricia del rio after his eventful words about the death of the soldiers in Additional. For the controversial Ortiz, his colleague is not … Read more

BBC journalist on the Lithuanian group and the flaws of the system: “I can set up a company and say I’m Mickey Mouse”

BBC ir 15min investigation “Directors” from Fabijoniškii in London laundered and destroyed 80 million euros” revealed the circumstances of perhaps the largest money laundering case in the United Kingdom. The international criminal network, led by the Lithuanian Deivis Grochiatskis and the Russian Artiomas Terzian, stole almost 80 million. euros. In 2021, the Lithuanian was sent … Read more

A USB in the mail exploded when plugged into a computer; The journalist was injured

Quito – A journalist was injured when a USB computer sent by post exploded. The accident happened in the newsroom. News anchor Lenin Artieda was injured. Searching and attacking journalists is increasing in the Latin American country of Ecuador. Ecuador’s Attorney General’s Department has launched an investigation into possible links to terrorism. The investigation found … Read more

Óscar Del Portal takes Argentine journalist ‘little bit’: “And now? You left your face, Varsky” | Oscar Del Portal | Juan Pablo Varsky | Varsky | Sporting Cristal | Libertadores Cup | Hurricane | News | SHOWS

Óscar Del Portal responded to the Argentine journalist Juan Pablo Varsky, who a few days ago had stated that Huracán would go to the group stage of the Copa Libertadores, instead of Sporting Cristal. The Peruvian affirmed that you have to tell him the truth when they are wrong. MIRA: With Paolo Guerrero, Unión vs … Read more

German journalist – frankly about the real German plans for the brigade and loud statements of Lithuanian politicians

Although the deployment of the German brigade is constantly the subject of fierce disputes in Lithuania, the German journalist assured that the loud statements of Lithuanian politicians or the issue of the brigade itself are not of interest to the German public. True, the attitude of the German population towards the future support of the … Read more

the journalist who was expected to replace Jean-Pierre Pernaut on the 1 p.m. news leaves TF1

It was finally Marie-Sophie Lacarrau who was chosen by TF1. TF1 The one who hopes to make a return to television, with a dating show, for example, recounted her meeting with Jean-Pierre Pernaut: “He was the first to believe in me when I had not yet done antenna. In this environment where it’s every man … Read more

NHL | The new Czech goalkeeper did not disappoint in the NHL. He has everything ahead of him, praises the journalist

A guest in the studio – Roman Málek – also experienced Patera as Slavia’s goalkeeper coach. “When I finished and joined Slavia, he was there. Ninety-nine years… but we were there together for one season,” explains Málek about the experience from the 2015-2016 season. “He was very young, they pushed him a lot up to … Read more

France 24 ceases “all collaboration” with a journalist who praised Adolf Hitler on social networks

The channel could file a complaint against Joëlle Maroun, its correspondent in Beirut. Three other journalists receive a “call to order”. “If only Hitler was Lebanese“. France 24 has just announced in an internal email to end “to any cooperation” with his correspondent in Beirut, Joëlle Maroun. In question, posts shared on social media highlighted … Read more

Ukraine has already won. Now they still have to regain territory, including Crimea, British journalist Harding judges

His stay ended in 2011 when he was expelled from Russia. Even then, according to his words, he understood that it was not an ordinary regime that bullies its own people, but that it was also internationally dangerous and arbitrary. Read also He describes Russia as a declining empire that is in the grip of … Read more

Argentine journalist denies having said that “Mexico can have Tesla, but not a World Cup”

Argentine sports journalist Flavio Azzaro reignited the controversy between Mexico and Argentina. However, this time he denies having attacked Mexican soccer, as published by the BolaVIP portal. According to the outlet, Azzaro would have taken advantage of the arrival of Elon Musk and his company Tesla to the country to declare: “Mexico may have a … Read more