Not on purpose! Streamer plays Nintendo Switch Sports, but Joy-Con flies out of hand, hits the TV screen in the middle of the live!

Monday, May 2, 2022, 15:55 minutes 46 seconds, Indochina time once Grandpa Nintendo’s Wii Sports It’s very popular among console gamers because it’s not just for fun. but also exercise for health You can play with many friends. There is a variety of play. Plus, the picture is cute and ugly. So it quickly occupied … Read more

It is said that the outsourced repair center of Nintendo of America is already exhausted just repairing the drift problem of the Switch’s JoyCon #Game Console(176289)

The unique handheld and home console design of the Nintendo Switch console has created a new peak for Nintendo in the current game console market. However, the detachable controller JopyCon has been prone to “drift” problems due to inherent design problems shortly after the launch of the console. That is, the direction of the controller … Read more

Joy-Con issues Switch required at least thousands of repairs per week in US – Gaming – News

An American Nintendo Switch hardware repair center in the United States was experiencing problems with drift thousands of copies in the Joy-Con sticks every week. The center could not handle the large amount and made many mistakes. That tells an anonymous source who worked at the repair center on gaming news site Kotaku. It is … Read more

Nintendo says it is making progress in combating Joy-Con drift

Doug Bowser, president of Nintendo of America, returns almost a year later to address the problem of defective Joy-Con. At the end of 2020 he promised that the commanders who will present the temido drift market a be analyzed to find the source of this bug and add the relevant improvements. At the end of … Read more