‘Tutina’ and Juan Manuel Santos playing with their granddaughter

In the video, which has more than 42 thousand views, ‘Tutina’ jumps on the bed, while holding the girl’s hand ‘, who is his first granddaughter, although soon he will also have a grandson. At the time, the youngest moves her legs the same way her grandfather is doing, Juan Manuel Santos. At that moment, … Read more

Videos of the meeting of Santos and Timochenko that alarmed Uribistas

Darcy Quinn, journalist from Snail RadioHe pointed out that these meetings are held periodically to monitor the peace process; The recent meeting had the specific intention of “pressuring” Rodrigo Londoño, known as Timochenko, Farc senator Julián Gallo (‘Carlos Antonio Lozada’) and other leaders of the now political party to “tell the whole truth before the … Read more

“Such quarantine does not exist”: Esteban Santos

President Iván Duque announced this Tuesday that Preventive isolation will run until August 1. However, clarified that progress will continue in the reactivation of economic sectors. For example, municipalities with a low impact by COVID-19 may request pilot tests to reopen gyms and theaters. And those who have been badly affected will be able to … Read more

“I hope Álvaro Uribe can resolve his difficult situation”: Santos

Santos It is not the only one that manifests itself in a similar sense. The mayor of Medellín, Daniel Quintero, also on Twitter, wrote: “(…) despite the differences, I recognize the pain caused by his arrest in him [Uribe], in his wife and children Tomás and Jerónimo. My sincere and supportive hug at this time. … Read more

Juan Manuel Santos and the planning of a betrayal

The ruler Raúl Castro, in the center, encourages the Colombian president, Juan Manuel Santos, on the left, and the commander of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), Timoleón Jiménez, known as “Timochenko”, to shake hands, in Havana, Cuba, Wednesday, September 23, 2015. In a joint statement, Santos and the FARC said they had overcome … Read more

Adriana Lucía defends herself against attacks by contract signed during Santos government

The renowned Colombian singer Adriana Lucia has been a trend these days on Twitter, both for his leadership in the marches that have taken place since November 21 within the framework of the national strike, and for a contract that he signed in 2016 during the Santos government with Fontur Colombia for 225 million pesos … Read more

“The Farc plays with fire by not recognizing forced recruitment and abuse”: Juan Manuel Santos

EFE | THE COUNTRY | Bogota Former president Juan Manuel Santos, Nobel Peace Prize winner in 2016, considers that there are members of the Farc party who play with fire by not acknowledging that there was forced recruitment of minors and sexual abuse in the former guerrilla. “It seems to me an error, it seems … Read more

Juan Manuel Santos will become a grandfather for the second time

Despite the fact that currently in the country and the world there are moments of anguish due to the coronavirus that has affected hundreds of nations, many people try to keep going despite being in absolute confinement as a preventive measure. This is the case of the family of former president Juan Manuel Santos, who … Read more

The son of Juan Manuel Santos shares a meme with his father with a dollar price

The issue gave rise to all kinds of comments since the price of the dollar shot up to its all-time high, since last Thursday, March 12, it reached a record of 4,095.60 pesos, explained by the fall in oil prices and the tail blow of the coronavirus on the world economy. That was why Esteban … Read more

Juan Manuel Santos and Residente spoke about the legalization of drugs

Read also: Did the US mission that arrived in Colombia have to be authorized by Congress? Santos also referred to the mission of the US military that arrived in Colombia to reinforce operations against drug trafficking and said that it would be a mistake for them to support the eradication of coca crops, because that … Read more