Julia Wieniawa: The actress published a photo with her mother! Like two drops of water?

Until now, we could watch her in productions such as “It’s always worth it”, “Mafia women”, “Nobody will sleep in the forest today” and “In the forest today no one will sleep 2”, “Suicide room. Hejter”, “All my friends are dead “,” Small World “or” How I fell in love with a gangster “. 23-year-old … Read more

But she has legs! Julia Kamińska poses in a skimpy costume

You could see how talented Julia Kamińska is, many times during reviews of acting music or charity concerts. It is she who performs the song “Tyle sunshine in the whole city” by Anna Jantar, used in the opening credits of the series “BrzydUl“. She recently released the single” Żal mi “recorded with Skubas, announcing her … Read more

Julia Gama exposes Natalia Alcocer and fans explode in support of the Brazilian: The House of Celebrities

Julia Gama. Photo: Courtesy / Telemundo Julia Gama took advantage of the conflict that arose at yesterday’s gala with the expulsion of Laura Bozzo, in order to expose the apparent inconsistencies of Natalia Alcocer. The Viking made Bozzo see that the treatment she gave to some women in the house was not appropriate, because in … Read more

Julia Dybowska poses next to a CHANGED partner-billionaire on a yacht in Turkey (PHOTO)

Until a few years ago Julia Dybowska she was a fledgling influencer like many. Everything changed when a billionaire from Tehran appeared in her life. It is right at your side Roberta Tchenguizawho left the mother of his children for a much younger Polish woman, leads a luxurious life. So the 31-year-old’s everyday life has … Read more

Julia Wieniawa warms up the atmosphere in a bikini game. Fans: “The most wonderful woman on Earth” :: Magazine :: RMF FM

The artist shares frames from the holiday trip. Some of them were included in the star’s Instagram report. A shot that appeared in the celebrity’s online album stole the virtual hearts of fans almost instantly. See for yourself! Julia Wieniawa, 23 years old actress, singer, businesswoman, is actively involved in social media. Publications on her … Read more

Julia Roberts and George Clooney team up to crash their daughter’s wedding

Julia Roberts and George Clooney together again – joy for moviegoers! This autumn, just when life has entered a work rhythm and everyone is longing for the carefreeness of summer, only in cinemas, the inimitable stars of Hollywood – Oscar winners Julia Roberts and George Clooney make us an irresistible offer to accompany them on … Read more

Taehyung describes who Julia is and why he dated her in Paris

According to rumours, the member Taehyung of BTS is pronounced in some quotes, by fans, as they have manifested themselves in various speculations, as he was seen with the beautiful Julia Johansen of the “Oracle Sisters”, completely drawing the attention of everyone ARMY Recently, the French band from Paris “Oracle Sisters” shared on its official … Read more

Julia Wieniawa claims that she never suited the celebrity world and appeals: “I don’t want to be called an influencer!”

Julia Wieniawa She entered show business as a teenager due to her relationship with Antek Królikowski. Although the report did not survive the test of time, Julka skillfully used the media attention, soon becoming one of the most popular celebrities. Today, the 23-year-old is a versatile businesswoman who plays, sings, sells original leggings and runs … Read more

Julia Wieniawa SHINES THE DECOLLETE and promotes her debut album (PHOTOS)

Julia Wieniawa she does her best to be talked about artist. In early June, the celebrity presented her vocal skills on Orange Warsaw Festival 2022. The performance was received very positively by both fans and the media. Already then, the star sang a few songs from the debut album “Omamy”, however official the premiere of … Read more