Burkina Faso: why is the junta asking for the withdrawal of French troops? | TV5MONDE

Burkina Faso’s government spokesman confirmed Monday, January 23, that Ouagadougou had requested the departure of French troops within a month. Paris replied that it was still waiting for clarifications from transitional president Ibrahim Traoré. Analysis by Ousmane Ndiaye, Africa editor at TV5MONDE.

From Oujda, the Algerians Oualid Kebir and Anwar Malek point the finger at the maneuvers of the junta

Video By Mohammed Chellay on 01/15/2023 at 7:29 p.m. Algerian journalists and activists Oualid Kebir and Anwar Malek held the Algerian military junta responsible for deteriorating social, economic and political conditions in the Maghreb. It was during a meeting organized yesterday, Saturday January 14, 2023, by the Front of Democratic Forces in Oujda. aA Algerian … Read more

The UN says about 300 political prisoners have been granted amnesty by Myanmar’s junta.

AFP – Among the more than 7,000 prisoners granted amnesty by the Myanmar junta this week About 300 political prisoners were included. According to the United Nations today (6). The junta, which seized power almost two years ago, announced on Wednesday it would release 7,012 prisoners on the 75th anniversary of Myanmar’s independence. It was … Read more

Myanmar junta court to issue final verdict in trial against former head of government Suu Kyi / Article

December 30, 2022, 6:21 am Myanmar’s junta court will deliver its final verdict in the trial against former leader Suu Kyi The ruling could end the military’s decades-long battle with Myanmar’s democratic leader. Suu Kyi has previously been found guilty of corruption-related crimes and violating the state secrets law. She has only been seen once … Read more

Secretary embezzles 135,000 euros from the junta to pay butcher’s debts

Secretary of the council of Santiago de Montalegre, in Sardoal, and a meat businessman were arrested by the Judiciary Police of Leiria. The small Parish Council of Santiago de Montalegre, Sardoal, has just over two hundred inhabitants, but despite its reduced budget, the Municipality secretary managed to divert 135 thousand euros. The money will have … Read more

Priest convicted of accusing Junta of embezzling alms

Parish priest of Merufe, who will appeal the sentence, wrote that a former executive used money in “luxurious villas”. The Court of Monção condemned the parish priest of Merufe, Américo Alves, for the crimes of aggravated defamation, with publicity and slander, after he accused, through a publication on the social network Facebook, the Parish Council … Read more

Mali: the military junta prohibits the activities of NGOs funded by France | TV5MONDE

Bamako has announced a ban on all activities carried out by international organizations subsidized by France. A response to Paris’ choice to suspend its development aid to Bamako. Analysis of this decision and its repercussions with the Africa editor of TV5MONDE, Ousmane Ndiaye.

Sardinia, Solinas launches the new junta: 8 men and 4 women

The president of the Sardinia Region, Christian Solinas launches the new Council after last Friday’s reset. The reshuffle, announced since March, has been postponed several times due to the difficulty in satisfying the requests of all the center-right parties and respect for gender equality. The new composition of the executive sees eight men and four … Read more

Conflicts with the military junta: will the Bundeswehr mission in Mali end in 2023?

Conflicts with military junta Will the Bundeswehr mission in Mali end in 2023? 11/16/2022, 6:01 p.m The cooperation of the Russian mercenary group Wagner with Mali’s military junta has caused criticism in the West. As a consequence, France and Great Britain are withdrawing their soldiers from the West African country. According to insiders, Berlin is … Read more

The Board vaccinates 1,500 people a day of the fourth dose of covid and flu in the tent

Vaccination queues this week in the Parc del Salón. / marta moras Vaccination by age groups closes with those over 60 years of age to give way next week to socio-sanitary Strolling through the Hall and observing a long queue that exceeds the playground is no longer a novelty, because it is something that has … Read more