Healing cute master Kabo is here! Logitech X co-branded keyboard and mouse with cats, cats, insects, and Kabo, madly instigating “softness with strength” craze | 4Gamers

Leading the trend once again, Logitech X and Mao Mao Chong Kabo jointly launched the Pebble M350 Wireless Mouse Logitech is co-branded with the super-popular healing lover-Kabo, and launched the “Logitech X Diary of Cats and Insects Kabo with Power” co-branded wireless mouse combo and keyboard and mouse gift box. From work, life to imagination, … Read more

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[Source/Logitech] Everyone is looking forward to Logitech’s co-branded illustration products again! Hand in hand with the Internet to vote for the super popular to heal the cute host, and effortlessly conquer the “Kabo” of the meaty people, and jointly launch the “Logitech X Diary of Cats, Insects, Kabos, and Powers” co-branded wireless mouse combination and … Read more