Andrea Banda provoked violent reactions after a surprise appearance in “Na kafe”: Horror, misunderstanding!

© After being absent from “Na kafe” for some time, Andrea Banba Banda surprisingly appeared among the panelists, which caused lightning reactions not only among them, but also on social networks. And while Romina Tasevska, Darin Angelov and Georgi Blazhev staged a curious dance, which showed that Andrea Banda Banda is again part of the … Read more

City Government Asks Owners to Unload Cafes Above Kemang Water Channel

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — South Jakarta Mayor Munjirin said his party would send a letter of request for demolition to the building owner until kafe which stands over waterways in the region Kemang, South Jakarta. “Yes, maybe tomorrow I will convey an appeal to dismantle it myself,” said Munjirin when contacted, Thursday (18/11). He … Read more