The head of the Kamisato family, Ayato, will be added to the original cast on the 30th.

▲ Representative image of Wonshin 2.6 update (Photo courtesy of Hoyo Bus) Ayato Kamisato, who leads the Kamisato clan, arrives at the original shrine soon. Hoyo Bus will proceed with the 2.6 update on the 30th, including a new character, Ayato Kamisato. The new 5-star character, Ayato Kamisato, is the head of the Kamisato family, … Read more

Fans ask miHoYo to return the previous underwear design of the character Kamisato Ayaka »Hero Network

Some fans of Genshin Impact have shown their annoyance with the developer miHoYo due to the design change in the underwear that Kamisato Ayaka had on his official arrival at the video game, and it is that although, it is public knowledge that miHoYo It has a test server where the next news that may … Read more