Scientist Reveals Why Mosquitoes Prefer Human Blood Over Animals

Scientists from Princeton University in the US believe that it has a lot to do with human scent. According to research published in the journal Nature, mosquitoes evolved to bite humans by relying solely on odor molecules that are different from those emitted by other creatures in certain environments. Mosquito This Aedes aegypti, which acts … Read more

Check out the fact that drinking coffee before exercising is healthy

1. Avoid muscle pain Caffeine is a natural stimulant that affects the nervous system. The after effects of drinking coffee make you feel more energetic and focused. According to nutritionist Alisyn Knott, this allows athletes to increase the intensity of their workouts without feeling more sore or sore. The effect of coffee on pain relief … Read more

What Would Happen If The Earth Stopped Rotating? Read the explanation

This is the cause of day and night events that we feel every day. However, what if the earth just stood there without moving or rotating at all? The following answers are obtained from several studies that are estimated by experts. Why does the Earth rotate? The earth rotates because of how it was formed. … Read more

Scary Pictures Show Death Of A Big Star

RIAU24.COM – The aftermath of a massive stellar death explosion is seen in this image released on Monday (October 31) by the European Southern Observatory (ESO), showing large filaments of brightly glowing gas being blasted into space during a supernova. Before exploding late in its life cycle, the star was believed to have had a … Read more

Study: How Does the ‘Black Death’ Still Affect Health After 700 Years On?

Education this analyze DNA centuries-old skeletons and discovering mutations that help people survive the plague that hit Europe and killed at least 200 million people. However, these same mutations are associated with auto-immune diseases including, Crohn’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. These diseases alter the immune system which is responsible for defending our body against … Read more

James Webb Telescope Captures Image of ‘Pillars of Creation’

The twinkling of thousands of stars illuminates the telescope’s first shot of the gigantic column of gold, copper, and brown that stands at the center of the cosmos. Bright red lava-like spots could be seen at the ends of several pillars. “This is an ejection of stars that are still forming, only a few hundred … Read more

Alert! Here Are 5 Horrible Habits That Can Stop Your Heart

Doctors say that it is not a complicated task to understand heart disease like a heart attack and take proper precautions. People may feel that diet and exercise are the parameters that make all the difference to heart health. However, that is not entirely true. Here, there are some other habits that can force the … Read more

Study: Climate Change Makes It Difficult for Scientists to Observe the Sky

Telescope work should not be hindered by ordinary weather phenomena such as fog, rain clouds and others. Therefore, such giant telescopes are installed in remote places, high in the mountains or in the desert and so on. However, now such care is taken when selecting a location for a telescope it may not be sufficient … Read more

Peek at 3 Benefits of Oatmeal that Contain Low Calories for Heart Health

Quoted from Dr Kiran Rukadikar, bariatric doctor and obesity consultant explains that it is important to have a low calorie diet. This low-calorie food provides various benefits for the body, one of which is maintaining heart health and lowering cholesterol. “Oats are nutrient-rich foods that help lower blood cholesterol if consumed regularly,” he said. … Read more

Study: This is the process of the formation of rings on the planet Saturn

After getting a little too close to the gas giants, the icy moon they named Chrysalis broke apart between 100-200 million years ago. Some of its fragments shattered into small ice chunks that formed the planet’s signature ring, while most of it impacted Saturn. According to the study’s lead author, Jack Wisdom, professor of planetary … Read more