Asteroid Falls to Earth, One Village Disappears

Wednesday, December 28 2022 – 13:08 WIB LIVE Techno – Astronomers are currently monitoring more than 2,200 asteroid potentially hazardous with a diameter of more than 0.6 miles (1 kilometer) in the orbital environment Earth. Fortunately, rarely does one pass close enough to Earth to pose a real threat. But, that doesn’t mean that no … Read more

Shopee Courier Arrested While Nyabu in Kampung Bahari

Saturday, December 10 2022 – 12:03 WIB LIVE Subway – Police arrested 12 suspected retailers as well as addicts sabu when raiding nests drugs Maritime VillageTanjung Priok, North Jakarta, Friday, 9 December 2022. Wear an Orange T-shirt Among the perpetrators who were caught, there was one courier Shopee wearing an orange warta shirt that was … Read more

Residents Leverage Anies’ Promises After the Endless Polemics of Kampung Bayam

Jakarta – No Anies Baswedan residents of Kampung Susun Bayam were mentioned in the middle of the polemic about the rental rates for this flat. Residents claim Anies’ promise when he was still the Governor of DKI Jakarta. The promise in question is that residents can immediately enter and occupy the Kampung Susun Bayam dwelling. … Read more

Here’s the story of the murder incident that occurred in Kampung Kruni Stabat Langkat

WahanaNews-Langkat | An argument between Fendi (HKI Zone II employee) and Indra Mahendra in front of Eka Maulina’s house, Indra Mahendra’s ex-wife and a murder took place on Jalan. Ahmad Yani Kp. Kwala Bingei Urban Village, Stabat District. Monday (28/11/2022) 10.00 WIB Here’s the story at that time, Fend (47), an HKI Seacion II employee, … Read more

Protest of Prospective Occupants of Kampung Susun Bayam Waiting for Clarity & Anies Baswedan’s Promise

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – A number of residents returned to come Village Susun Bayam (KSB) which is located north of the Jakarta International Stadium (JIS), North Jakarta. Asep Suwanda, one of the residents of the Kampung Susun Bayam resident, said that their return was to ask for certainty from PT Jakarta Propertindo (Jakpro) regarding clarity when … Read more

Kampung Susun Kunir Jakarta Built with a Budget of IDR 13.1 M

Jakarta – Kunir Susun Village was inaugurated by the Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan. Head of the DKI Jakarta Public Housing and Settlement Area Agency (DPRKP) Sarjoko said the construction of this apartment building cost Rp 13.1 billion. “The budget is approximately Rp. 13.1 billion,” said Sarjoko to reporters, in Kampung Susun Kunir, Saturday … Read more

The Price of Kampung Chicken in Singapore Reaches Rp. 758,000, Netizens Smack All Pages – Supermarket FairPrice issued a clarification regarding the photo of the price tag of the chicken from Malaysia translucent 72.27 dollars Singapore or around Rp. 758.000. The photo of the price tag of the chicken went viral on social media and made netizen Singapore is flabbergasted, as reported by MothershipFriday (3/6/2022). FairPrice said that … Read more

Anies Inaugurates the Construction of Kampung Susun Spinach near JIS

Jakarta – Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan laying the foundation stone for development Kampung Susun Bayam for citizens Kampung Bayamnear Jakarta International Stadium (JIS). The residents of Kampung Bayam welcomed Anies. Monitoring On Saturday (7/4/2022) at 16.46 WIB, people flocked to give flowers while wishing Anies his birthday. “Gini, we are building the … Read more

Anies Arranges the First Stone of Kampung Susun Spinach for JIS Evicted Residents

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan promote development Kampung Susun BayamPademangan for residents affected by the construction of the Jakarta International Stadium (JIS). “Today, we are starting a new chapter of laying the first stone for the declaration of Kampung Susun Bayam. The development process does have a sequence,” said DKI … Read more

Bus from Sumatra arrives late at Kampung Rambutan Terminal because it is stuck at Bakauheni Port

JAKARTA, – Inter-city and inter-provincial (AKAP) passenger buses from Sumatra have not arrived much Kampung Rambutan Terminaluntil Saturday (7/5/2022) this afternoon. Though, peak reverse flow including from Sumatra is predicted to occur starting today. Head of Kampung Rambutan Terminal, Yulza Ramadhoni, said that until Saturday (7/5/2022) the arrival of homecomers was still dominated by … Read more