Senegal hosts the “K-Pop Festival” for the first time

This is a preliminary selection for the international “K-Pop” festival to be held in Changwon, South Korea. This festival is about dancing “K-Pop” which is an official choreography to Korean music and singing on the theme “K-Pop” which is a Korean song. On this, 8 teams were selected in the first round for the dance … Read more

Baba Maal’s proposal for a way out of the crisis.

Beyond culture, the artist Baba Maal expressed his concerns for the definitive resolution of the Casamance crisis. During a press conference he hosted this weekend, the vocal lead of Dandé Lénol invites the actors around the same table to find a definitive solution to this crisis. “Casamance is a part of me and of all … Read more

airlines announce suspension of operations on Monday

Nigerian airlines will suspend operations on Monday “until further notice” due to soaring jet fuel prices, the Air Operators Association of Nigeria (AON) has announced. Since the invasion of Ukraine by Russia at the end of February and the sanctions imposed in the wake of Moscow, world oil prices have soared, causing soaring fuel prices … Read more

“it was really generosity… he disseminated this notion of transmission” (Alioune Diop, RTS)

The Senegalese cultural world is in mourning: Rudolphe Gomis, one of the vocal leads of the Orchestra Baobab, has lost his life. He went away leaving behind him, the family of music orphaned and weaned from its sweet melodies. It is an extinct myth. A legend that goes away on tiptoe. Rudolphe Gomis, better known … Read more

63 films in competition, of which the 14 best will benefit from training in filmmaking

As part of the 5th edition of the Africa Women’s Film Festival, intensive training in film professions reserved exclusively for women will be organized from February 25 to March 5, 2022. The novelty of this edition is the holding of the “Kilo Linguère “. The call for participation was open to any professional or amateur … Read more

Changes in the gas market and implications for Senegal (GPSOG)

on the other hand, societal pressure on climate issues coupled with the health crisis seems to be an accelerator of the energy transition, challenging economic models and technological choices hitherto practiced in the production of fossil fuels. The big oil companies have taken very important decisions on their strategies and future investments, which, according to … Read more

The secrets of the reunion between Mage and the boss of Marodi

Relations between Mage from the “Golden” series and Mass Ndour, founder of Marodi, are heating up again. After their quarrels which ended up in court, the two professionals now smoke the peace pipe. They are currently both at Fespaco which is held in Burkina Faso. iGFM even learned that the founder of Marodi proposed a … Read more

Blackmail, harassment, prostitution shake the sector

The recent scandal, which had Dieyna Baldé and Bril as its main actors, revealed rather obscure aspects of the Senegalese show biz. Between blackmail, sextortion, sofa promotion and harassment, there are many Senegalese singers, models, actresses or animators who have had to go beyond their principles and values, to reach the top. A sulphurous environment … Read more

Next publication of the novel by Diary Sow: “Je pars”

Diary Sow re-enacts the film of his disappearance in France, through his new novel entitled: “Je Pars”. The new work of the student in preparation is expected on November 4, 2021. According to its publisher Robert Laffont, the book is inspired by his unexplained disappearance in Paris, last January. It features a heroine by the … Read more

Khaby Lame tells the secret of his success.

He lived for 20 years in the HLM of Chivasso. He was a mason, waiter, window cleaner. He worked on Amazon. His father sold statuettes in the markets. Eliminated from the television series Zero, he now has an agent and walks the red carpet of Venice 78. It is the magical moment of Khaby Lame, … Read more