Karol Strasburger asks for urgent help! It’s about a child’s life – Super Express

– So I appeal to you, as a father and as a person who is not indifferent to misfortunes such as SMA disease. Since you have room for unauthorized, extensive photo reports from my private life, add for free, as a bonus, yes “out of the heart”, therefore my video below, with a link to … Read more

“It’s been a long time!” Musician Tina Karol supports the ban on Russian music in Ukraine

One of the most popular Ukrainian singers, Tina Karol, declares that she supports the ban on Russian music in Ukraine, believing that it was long past time. The musician is sure that such a step will only promote the development of domestic artists, will give an opportunity to new talents to show themselves. “This will … Read more

Karol G showed her figure and her cellulite with great pride

The popular Colombian reggaeton artist did not hesitate to proudly show off the cellulite on her body, demonstrating the great confidence she feels in herself and receiving the applause of all her followers. Karol G has turned on the networks after some recent photographs published on his official account of Instagram, where the singer showed … Read more

VIDEO: Karol G’s stepsister takes off her clothes and gets into the shower and sets the nets on fire

It is increasingly common for social networks to be used to show attributes and thereby generate controversy. One of them is undoubtedly Katherine Giraldo, the stepsister of Karol G who has become one of the hottest women on the continent with everything she publishes. Her posts on social networks, where she is all the rage, … Read more

to the rhythm of Karol G, passengers put together a party

transmileniothe main mass transportation system in Bogota, usually delivers surreal scenes. On several occasions, users have gotten the most enjoyment out of it and have even set up parties in the articles. In fact, the image of passengers dancing was repeated again. Just as it happened weeks ago, when passengers put together a party in … Read more

The sexy photo of Karol G wearing a black thong that leaves almost eight million likes on Instagram

The Colombian does know how to warm up social networks, this time wearing a very tiny dress and lying on her bed “La Bichota” heated the social networks with a sensual photograph. Karol G He made it clear to his followers that he is “free” with the publication, using a sentence from his song “Provenza”, … Read more

The new rivalry between the singers Karol G and Yailin La Más Viral | 50 Most Beautiful of 2022 | United States Celebs | nnda nnlt | SHOWS

Singer Yailin The Most Viral who has become well known for being the girlfriend of Anuel AA continues to speak. And it is that the Dominican has been selected as one of the most beautiful personalities of 2022. However, what has attracted attention is that the urban artist also competes in that category with Karol … Read more