28 Summer Must-Play Games Awards – Select 7 types of works, reject the game shortage | T Kebang

In the summer of July and August, in addition to many game masterpieces, it is also a good time for various game platforms to hold special sales and players to pick up bargains. Although affected by the epidemic in recent years, the situation of game delays and suspension of development has occurred frequently. Even game … Read more

Astronomer Wang Weihao leads you into the door of deep space photography through Sony α1 | T Kebang

The beautiful starry sky is a strange and mysterious existence for many photographers, and most of the enthusiasts who are interested in astrophotography only shoot large-scale works of the Milky Way; however, those countless celestial objects hidden in the night sky, There are many different appearances and their own beauty, which are worth capturing and … Read more

The mobile phone signal in the sub-center area of ​​Guangzhou was paralyzed because a man pulled out 8 base station chips and sold them | T Kebang

Nansha District, Guangzhou, China is a local sub-center with a large population. However, in the last month, the local mobile phone signal was suddenly paralyzed and there was no signal. Now the local police have revealed the reason: a man actually pulled out the chip modules of several local base stations and sold them. According … Read more

“NBA 2K23” reveals the latest game content enhancement points, including adding shooting attributes, adding a new grading badge system | T Kebang

2K has announced the latest game content enhancements for NBA 2K23, which will be available on September 9, including new skill moves, animations and player creation. Players can experience offensive, defensive, badge, player creation, domination and artificial intelligence. High-level game innovation brings a more realistic and realistic experience. Mike Wang, Game Director at Visual Concepts, … Read more

Taiwanese players can finally buy customized grips! Xbox Design Lab is online, wireless joysticks start at 1,990 yuan | T Kebang

Taiwan’s Microsoft Xbox announced that the long-awaited “Xbox Design Lab“Wireless controller customization service has officially landed in Taiwan. From now on, Taiwanese players can create their own personal wireless controller through the rich color selection, personalized lettering and other functions on the website, showing their unique value and value as an Xbox player. feature. The … Read more

The new Bomberman game is coming to Apple Arcade! “AMAZING BOMBERMAN” combines music to create easy battles | T Kebang

Konami Raid announced that “AMAZING BOMBERMAN”, a new work in the “Bomberman” series, will be open for download on Apple Arcade on August 5th. This work has a variety of game modes, so you can easily enjoy the bombing fun whether it is single or multiplayer. Apple Arcade game subscription service currently provides more than … Read more

Remember hybrid hard drive SSHD?Can’t see anything now | T Kebang

Although today’s solid-state drives have reached a level of popularity that is almost one per person, ten years ago, solid-state drives not only had enough capacity to install an operating system, but the high price of NAND FLASH also made solid-state drives only “supplements” for high-end players to try early adopters. In order to provide … Read more

Sony officially revealed 4 new features for PS VR2, but some of them should be old in the eyes of Meta Quest users | T Kebang

Sony officially re-introduced the new features of PS VR2 today: including perspective functions, customization functions, VR and theater modes, etc. However, if you’ve used Meta Quest before, you’ll find that these features should be old-fashioned for Meta Quest veterans. “With PS VR2, you can wear the headset to see your surroundings through our new see-through … Read more

You thought LeEco had already closed down, but there are still more than 400 employees living a witty and happy life of “no boss, no overtime” | T Kebang

In the era of the rise of Chinese TV boxes, China’s LeTV box and LeTV TV also caused a lot of topics, and the entire group was once as famous as iQiyi and Tencent. However, a series of political and business-related crises broke out later, and many debts were also reported. Their founder Jia Yaoting … Read more

“Minecraft” co-branded UNIQLO launches new costumes, “Forza: Horizon 5” Hot Wheels DLC debuts | T Kebang

Following Microsoft’s Xbox & Bethesda game conference in June, after announcing 30 works worth looking forward to in the next 12 months, Microsoft’s Xbox games began to appear one after another during the summer vacation. “Minecraft” and UNIQLO launch joint clothing again Starting today, Minecraft players who prefer to play Java Edition or Bedrock Edition … Read more