Windows 98 resurrection plan (eight): RetroArch game selection interface beautification | T Kebang

After finishing the emulator and the game, the next job is to create the game list and beautify the selection interface to make the operation process more pleasing to the eye. Import game via desktop mode The author researched several ways to create a game list, and found that the easiest way is to import … Read more

Windows 98 Resurrection Project (5): Executing Windows 98 Games through DOSBox Pure | T Kebang

Finally got the Windows 98 operating system installed in DOSBox Pure, the next job is to package and execute the game. Run the game without installation If the player wants to run the mini-game without installation or the green version of the game, just compress the file into a Zip format compressed file and change … Read more

How to remove the unknown exclamation mark in Microsoft Defender? | T Kebang

Recently, in the Windows 11 operating system, many users have discovered a strange thing, that is, the protection options in Microsoft Defender are all green ticks and are in the normal open state, but the small icon in the system tray is A yellow exclamation mark is displayed. After research, the bug may be caused … Read more

Windows 98 Resurrection Plan (4): Install Windows 98 System on DOSBox Pure | T Kebang

After knowing how to use DOSBox Pure to execute DOS games, the next step is to install the Windows 98 operating system to facilitate the execution of corresponding games. Install Windows 98 DOSBox Pure can directly simulate the DOS environment. As for the Windows part, the player needs to install the operating system by himself. … Read more

Windows 98 Resurrection Project (3): Executing DOS Games through DOSBox Pure | T Kebang

After reading the introduction of DOSBox Pure, we will download the RetroArch emulator and the corresponding emulation core, and execute the DOS game. RetroArch installation and necessary settings In this series of teaching, the author will use the Windows version of RetroArch as an example, and the versions of other operating systems can also be … Read more

Windows 98 Resurrection Plan (1): Simulators, Virtual Machines East and West Army | T Kebang

As Windows 98 games may encounter compatibility issues in the latest operating systems such as Windows 10 / 11, the best way is to prepare the Windows 98 system to avoid future troubles. Old games still have to use the old system Windows 95 is an operating system launched by Microsoft in 1995. It adopts … Read more

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I believe that everyone has been taught the importance of oral health since childhood. Tooth decay, tooth sensitivity, bad breath, etc. caused by lack of correct tooth brushing habits and methods will definitely greatly affect the quality of life. According to the survey by the National Health Service, the proportion of periodontal-related diseases among Taiwanese … Read more

Bigme Galy color e-paper tablet adopts the ultra-fast color e-paper technology of Yuantai Technology Gallery 3 | T Kebang

Bigme Galy is the world’s first tablet computer that uses E Ink Gallery 3 color electronic paper technology. It has an 8-inch display with a resolution of 1920 x 1440 and is equipped with the Android 11 operating system. A reader that can be used as a tablet E-paper has the advantages of comfortable reading … Read more

The archaeological video of the Zelda game that Nintendo didn’t want you to watch, the channel owner actually “recaptured” this video that was removed from the shelves | T Kebang

Where there are people, there will be history, and where there is history, there will be stories. For the game industry, the footprints and works developed by game companies, large and small, always hide some details or secrets that are missed by people. Did You Know Gaming (DYKG for short) is a channel dedicated to … Read more