They are accused of being behind the storming of Congress. These are Oath Keepers.

Weapon enthusiast, former paratrooper and loved by the far right: Now the militia leader and ten other members have been charged with planning the congressional storm. Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes during a rally in Berkeley, California. He is accused of planning the storming of Congress last year. Foto: Jim Urquhart, Reuters / NTB 14. … Read more

In addition to animals, it is also important for animal keepers to get anti-rabies vaccination to avoid the risk of death

Of course, in addition to pets, they also need to be vaccinated. Rabies is a disease that is transmitted from animals to humans. SERAMBINEWS.COM – Animal lovers who keep their pets, it is important to do Anti Vaccines Rabies (VAR) to be protected from rabies germs. Of course, in addition to pets, they also need … Read more