ITC – [SPOILER] – Laetitia is threatening Kelly’s father! – Here it all begins

At the Auguste Armand Institute, Laetitia comes face to face with Kelly’s biological father. He was selected to animate the “bakery” module of Rose. A way for him to pass on his know-how and above all, to get to know his daughter Kelly. But, Laetitia is blackmailing Thomas… Spoiler for episode 517 of Here it … Read more

Grace Kelly’s Lovers: A Fascination With Older, Married Men

Written in CELEBRITIES the 5/10/2022 · 00:15 hs Grace Kelly he had a peculiar fixation on older, committed men. The actress became Princess for her marriage to Rainier III of Monaco; however, curiously, he was not the first man with whom she was romantically involved. Before marrying Raniero III (who actually wanted to walk down … Read more

ITC – [SPOILER] – Is Tony Kelly’s father? Answer ! – Here it all begins

In the park of the double A, Tony drops a bomb on Kelly. She needs answers. At Kelly’s request, Tony is going to carry out a paternity test… She secretly hopes that it will be positive… In this case, Laetitia will have no other choice than to assume… Spoiler of the episode 495 from Here … Read more

40 years after Grace Kelly’s accidental death. Princess apologized to daughter.

Princess Gracia Patricia aka Grace Kelly suffered a car accident on September 13, 1982, one day later she succumbed to the injuries at the age of 52. The recording is undated. The scene of the accident on the serpentine road where Grace Kelly’s car broke through the perimeter wall. Prince Rainer of Monaco and his … Read more

France: Journalist Christine Kelly’s testimony of faith is fiercely criticized

Since July 2, several journalists and a number of anonymous people have been posting scathing criticism on social networks of the remarks that journalist Christine Kelly made during her intervention on March 27 at the MLK Church of Creteil. The video of this meeting-testimony with the leaders of the Pentecostal congregation was published on Twitter on July 2, in the form of an assembly. A certain Joao Gabriel, who presents himself as an academic, accompanied him with a first political comment: “Christine Kelly, her program with Zemmour (Face à l’Info) as an expression of God’s will and an opportunity to share her faith . This great moment of normalization of the extreme right financed by Bolloré is therefore presented here as a blessing on a spiritual level.

“Shows with Eric Zemmour with the support of God”

The explanations of the journalist CNews as to his habit of praying before broadcasts are particularly mocked. Critics also focus on the fact that she prayed before her first show Face à l’Info, which she hosted with Eric Zemmour from October 2019 to September 2021. “If we follow the reasoning of Christine Kelly, to build the solid friendship that exists between Eric Zemmour and Eric Naulleau, it is therefore “God who took the reins”. Surprising, isn’t it? “Launches a user, who is eccentric by referring a priori to the old program “Zemmour and Naulleau”, broadcast on Paris Premiere.
“It’s getting better and better: Christine Kelly is kind of a televangelist. She did, she says, shows with Eric Zemmour with God’s support. Things are not going well with the very holy Bolloré, ”comments another. The journalist did not react to these attacks.

During the meeting at l’Eglise Martin Luther King at the end of March, Christine Kelly had indeed returned to the decried first interventions of Eric Zemmour in the program, recalling that several personalities had called for a boycott of the show. “I prayed every day,” she testified, “and I said to God: I don’t know why you are sending me there. But if you send me, here I am”.

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Video montage of Christine Kelly’s intervention at MLK on March 27, by Joao Gabriel
The source video:

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R. Kelly’s lawyer is furious – he claims he is being punished unnecessarily

In September last year, the artist R. Kelly (55) was found guilty of human trafficking and sexual abuse. On Wednesday, seven months after the trial, the sentencing came – he stayed convicted to 30 years in prison. according to AP Kelly believes he is innocent and plans to appeal the verdict. Now his lawyer Jennifer … Read more