Kyle Rittenhouse’s lawyer calls him a “hero”

Black Rifle Coffee Kyle Rittenhouse has a connection to a conservative coffee company called Black Rifle Coffee. On November 20, Rittenhouse was released on $ 2 million bond. Shortly afterward, far-right journalist and podcast host Elijah Schaffer tweeted a photo of Rittenhouse wearing a t-shirt promoting the coffee company. Rittenhouse’s attorney, Lin Wood, also published … Read more

Kenosha ‘gunman’ Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, extradited to Wisconsin to face double murder charges in Antifa riots

KYLE Rittenhouse, a 17-year-old from Illinois accused of shooting dead two protesters in Kenosha, was extradited Friday to Wisconsin where he will face homicide charges. A lawyer for Rittenhouse – who took a gun to Kenosha on a third night of civil unrest in August – argued his client should be released to where he … Read more

Jacob Blake speaks for the first time since police shot him 7 times in Kenosha

Jacob Blake spoke publicly for the first time since a Kenosha, Wisconsin cop shot him seven times in the back, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down. In the video, he appears in the hospital bed and assures that he has constant pain from the shooting. [Las protestas por las muertes de Daniel Prude, Breonna … Read more

How Fox News and CNN look at ‘Kenosha’ completely differently

CNN, on the other hand, gave the floor to a professor who called for “President Trump’s silence on the violence of the 17-year-old” to be condemned. The channel raises disproportionate violence against black Americans and points to President Trump. “If you look at the coverage around Kenosha, you can see that CNN zooms in on … Read more

In Kenosha 252 people arrested so far, 2 million in damages – Last Hour

(ANSA) – WASHINGTON, 03 SEPT – Since 23 August, the day of the wounding of African American Jacob Blake by a policeman, 252 people have been arrested in the protests in Kenosha, of whom 132 are not residents in the local county. The sheriff’s office reported it. Damage to public property was estimated at $ … Read more

Trump presents himself in Kenosha as president of order and security

Upon Trump’s arrival, it soon became clear that his presence will not calm things down. Trump’s supporters and opponents awaited the president, meanwhile shouting insults back and forth. The mayor of the city did not want the president to come either. Law and order Although no campaign was conducted, this visit cannot be seen in … Read more

US President Donald Trump calls violent protest in Kenosha “domestic terrorism”

When it comes to vandalism against shops or throwing stones at police officers, Trump says it is difficult to speak of peaceful protest, “but of real domestic terrorism.” His visit to Kenosha took Trump to damaged stores. He also talked to the local security forces. “We’re going to help them,” he said of the local … Read more

In Kenosha, Trump equates protests with “domestic terrorism” | Donald Trump, President of the United States

Describing acts of vandalism on businesses and the case of police attacked by demonstrators with stones, the American president assured that it was not acts of peaceful protests, but truly domestic terrorism. The violence of the demonstrators is simply anti-american, he said, not mentioning Jacob Blake’s name once. This 29 year old black man was … Read more

Rioting in Kenosha for Trump’s domestic terrorism

US President Donald Trump has described riots in the city of Kenosha as anti-American riots and domestic terrorism. The protests, some of which were violent, broke out after a police officer shot a black man seven times in the back during an operation. The president’s convoy was met in the streets on Tuesday by protesters … Read more

Trump arrives in Kenosha amid protests and despite requests from local authorities to cancel his trip | Univision News United States

President Donald Trump traveled Tuesday to Kenosha, Wisconsin, the epicenter of the latest eruption of racial injustice, but the president leaned squarely on the side of law enforcement, blaming “domestic terrorism” for the violence and doing nothing. recognition of the cause of the protests: the shooting of another black man by the police. In a … Read more