Now there are many Mbappe vs KFC, there used to be Ronaldo vs Coca-Cola

Jakarta – There are many cases Kylian Mbappe against photo together KFC from French National Team. In the past, something happened Cristiano Ronaldo boycott Coke. Mbappe is in the spotlight, because of his attitude against photos with fast food products. The moment occurred when the Paris Saint-Germain striker was joining the French national team. The … Read more

KFC Finally Apologizes to Kylian Mbappe & the French National Team

KFC’s top executives were annoyed with Mbappe, but in the end the company apologized for it. Alain Beral, vice president of KFC France, had stated that the company would stop sponsoring the French national team. This was suspected by the action of one of the stars of the French national team, Kylian Mbappe, who refused … Read more

This Woman Returns IDR 8.1 Million Tucked In The KFC Order All – A woman named Joanne Oliver returned 543 US dollars or around Rp. 8.1 million to KFC in Georgia, USA, on Monday (19/9/2022). The cash was found tucked inside a package of food that Oliver ordered at the fast food restaurant. The information then spread widely on the internet after the Jackson City, Georgia … Read more

KFC Promo August 26-31 2022, Get Free Fried Chicken by Only Showing KTP, These are the Conditions

TRIBUN-BALI.COM, DENPASAR – Tribunners, let’s see KFC today’>promo KFC today. KFC is a fast food restaurant that is quite popular in Indonesia. KFC selling a variety of foods to snacks. Such as french fries, fried chicken, burgers to ice cream. Read also: PROMO Pizza Hut August 2022, Enjoy the Red and White Package, Special for … Read more

KFC Montpellier halal

In Herault Occitanie, the Kfc (Kentucky Fried Chicken) brand in the city of Montpellier follows the same Halal policy as the other cities for its restaurant list. Be careful therefore for Muslims, the products are generally considered illicit, or Haram. Indeed, we can consider that all the products offered by the brand to Montpellier residents … Read more

KFC Promo Today Tuesday 16 August 2022, KFC Bucket 9 Pieces of Chicken only Rp 124,091

TRIBUNKALTIM.CO – Following KFC promo today is tuesday August 16, 2022, KFC bucket of 9 pieces of chicken only Rp 124,091 Ada KFC promo free chicken, KFC Attack and goceng promo. Here is the catalog KFC promo Tuesday August 16, 2022 more. Free Chicken KFC distributes promos at special moments! Because August is 3B, not … Read more

LIST OF Independence Day Promo August 17, 2022: Free 1 Piece of Chicken at KFC, Ichiban Sushi Rp. 17 thousand

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Check out the list of promos for Independence Day August 17, 2022, in this article. A number of restaurants offer Independence promos in the form of discounted food prices. This special promo is in order to welcome the 77th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia. In the promo offered, there are terms … Read more

List of Promos for Independence Day August 17, 2022: KFC, McD, and Ichiban Sushi All – A number of restaurants and franchises present special promos ahead of Indonesia’s 77th Anniversary. The promos presented are in the form of discounted food prices, of course with applicable terms and conditions. Here are a number of restaurants that offer food promos ahead of the 77th Indonesian Independence Day: 1. KFC Promo Titled … Read more

KFC is coming to the east of Slovakia, heading to Košice

Watch Disrupter so you don’t miss anything from the business world: disruptive on Instagram Veronika Szűcs Rajničová KFC currently has eight restaurants in Slovakia, of which five are in Bratislava, two in Trnava and one in Banská Bystrica. Veronika Szűcs Rajničová Share Save Saved Share Share the article You must be logged in to save … Read more