Story 2 Soldiers of Missile Troops Against 9 Thieves, Kicked on a Motorcycle and Thrown Brickwork : National Okezone

JAKARTA – Prada Junior Noval and Prada Ardian Sapta Savela, members of the Air Defense Artillery Battalion (Yoharnaud) 10/ABC Kodam Jaya told their story against 9 robber some time ago in the Kebayoran Baru area, South Jakarta. (Also read: 8 Thieves 2 Members of TNI Missile Troops Arrested, This is Their Fate) The Chief of … Read more

A football player who ruined the air in the cloakroom and was kicked out of a famous club Sports

The 34-player was kicked out of the first team in August after losing 0: 3 to Angers. Marcelo was spotted laughing during Captain Leo Dubois’ speech. Eventually, however, ESPN found out that the footballer lost his job for two main reasons: a constant gas release in the locker room next to his teammates and a … Read more

Kicked and punched by her neighbor because she is a lesbian, Claudia at I can’t move

Claudia Cecconello, 53, was attacked by a neighbor in Alessandria. For a trivial argument she threw her down the stairs. The victim to “My head is sewn with 3 stitches and a black eye”. Homophobia? The answer is yes. The proof is the testimony of Claudia, survived a attack by the neighbor violent and … Read more

Emotions in women’s soccer! The player kicked the referee in sensitive places

Aggression in women’s football is not a common occurrence, but it has been seen in brutal intensity in Ecuador’s top competition. Leonas del Norte’s duel against Club Pineapple finally offered the away team to win 2: 1 after extra time, but that was far from all. Several home players did not bear the burden of … Read more

Kovanda: The economy has been kicked by consumers. But it will only get worse

The Czech Republic’s gross domestic product rose 4.6 percent year on year in the first quarter. He thus exceeded the vast majority of expectations. International analysts polled by Bloomberg expected growth of only 4.3 percent in the average of their estimates. However, the rapid growth is also largely due to the significantly lower base effect … Read more

“They kicked me out because I was a…” – Paparazzi Magazine

The overflowing joy of Florence Penathe measured satisfaction of William Francellathe clenched fist of Marcelo Debellis and the serene happy greeting of the brothers Luisana and Dario Lopilato contrasted markedly with the anger of Erica Rivas. The return of Married with children – the theatrical version was announced, now, for 2023 – caused very different … Read more

Disabled people ‘kicked’ from the booked train: the Trenitalia version

The “indignation” and the “deep sorrow” for what happened. And the confirmation of the commitment to “protect everyone’s right to mobility”. Trenitalia, with an official note, intervenes on the case of the regional train 3075, the convoy in service on Easter Monday between Albenga and Milan which was supposed to accommodate 27 disabled people and … Read more

“Even the one who was kicked out continues… ” Eun Ji-won’s ‘naughty remark’, the comment window was turned upside down

Eun Ji-won captured the attention of netizens with her bold remarks. Eun Ji-won and Kim Jong-min appeared as guests on tvN’s ‘Amazing Saturday – Doremi Market’ broadcast on the 16th. This day’s broadcast was conducted as a special feature of P.O, who is about to enlist. Below is tvN’s ‘Amazing Saturday – Doremi Market’ Eun … Read more

Premier League | C Lang scored 21 goals in all competitions and won 8.7 million bonus, Puba was kicked and bleed by Maguni (20:31) – 20220417 – Sports – Instant News

The British “Sun” reported that C Lang’s contract when he returned to the nest in the summer stated that as long as he scored 20 goals alone this season, he could get 750,000 pounds, and then he could get 100,000 pounds for every 1 goal scored. Therefore, he has scored 21 goals. A total of … Read more