This is not how the president behaves. Eto’o brutally kicked a YouTuber with his knee at the WC

The former outstanding gunner Samuel Eto’o took on an Algerian YouTuber at the ongoing FIFA World Cup. Cameroonian Samuel Eto’o scored over 300 goals during his brilliant career for Barcelona, ​​Inter and other European clubs, but at the current World Cup he used his famous right foot for a much less commendable activity. After Monday’s … Read more

Adria’s Mobis Dikas was kicked off the football whalers’ net during a penalty shootout

After an active start to the match, the Japanese retreated to their usual defensive positions, which were checked by Lukas Modrić’s company, which occupied the middle of the field. However, Japan scored the only goal in the first half, taking advantage of a standard situation. Croatian goalkeeper Dominik Livakovič was disarmed by Daizen Maeda after … Read more

“Messi” hit the door 789, led “Blue-White” to win Australia 2-1, “Orange Knight” kicked the original “Soccer” eliminated 3-1.

“Fah White” Argentina successfully reached the last 8 teams By beating Australia 2-1 and in this game, Lionel Messi made his 1,000th appearance and also scored his 789th goal of his lifetime, while the other pair, the Netherlands, beat the United States with a comfortable 3-1 goal. World Cup final round “World Cup 2022” round … Read more

The sinister reasons why they kicked out a participant in The Hotel of Celebrities 2

The new edition of the Hotel de los Famosos promises to be spicier than the first and apparently already has an expulsion that is quite striking. The thirteen comes out with the second edition of “The Hotel of the Famous” to be able to compete with Telefe with Big Brother. In the most famous house … Read more

Half a year after the divorce, the son couldn’t recognize his father… He broke down and cried, his ex-wife sighed: I was kicked out by my husband’s family and blocked | International | CTWANT

A man from Henan Province in mainland China went to visit his son at his ex-wife’s house after his divorce. Unexpectedly, his son no longer recognized him as his father. (Picture / flip from Weibo / time video) Facing family members whom you only see once in a long time, it is inevitable to become … Read more

An enraged Cavani couldn’t stand being kicked out of the World Cup. He vented his anger on the VAR screen

The players of Uruguay end up at the World Cup in Qatar already in the basic group. Even the final 2-0 win over Ghana did not help them, as South Korea outscored them in the fight for second place. But there were two controversial moments in the second half when the South Americans demanded a … Read more

An individual spits on Pauline’s dog in the Bois de la Cambre, the situation degenerates: “He kicked me and threw my phone in the pond”

It was via the orange Alert us button that Pauline (assumed name) contacted us following an assault she suffered in the Bois de la Cambre on Wednesday, November 30. During a walk with her dog, an individual passing near her began to spit on the animal before attacking the young girl and fleeing. It must … Read more

OnlyFans: – Kicked after school sex

On October 31, science teacher Samantha Peer, at Thunderbolt Middle School in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, received fired when it was discovered that she had made porn with her husband in one of the school’s classrooms. The intimate clips were posted on OnlyFans, a service widely used to monetize sexual content. However, it didn’t take … Read more

The Slovakian youth who punched and kicked the police in Borsod can enjoy wellness behind bars

The Slovak man in custody who punched the police in Miskolc on Saturday night was questioned by the Debrecen Regional Investigative Prosecutor’s Office as a suspect. According to the information of the Central Prosecutor’s Office, the young man came to our country for a wellness weekend with his friends, and then behaved aggressively while drunk … Read more

Grandmother’s Family Kicked by Student in Tapsel Rejects Peace, What is the Fate of the Actor Page all – Grandma’s family who was kicked out by students with the initials IH and VH in South Tapanuli (Tapsel) refused to reconcile. As is known, IH and VH kicked a grandmother on the side of the road until she fell down. The video of the abuse went viral on social media. Shortly thereafter, IH … Read more