Amazing! Scientists Use Impact Shockwaves to Understand New Lawah on Mars

The researchers created a map of the Martian surface showing where water ice (so called because other chemicals can freeze) is believed to be. Photo: ESA JAKARTA, Topography Mars has been a subject of interest to researchers for many years and they have now discovered a new process for understanding how the planet’s surface … Read more

Easy to get sick? Be careful it’s a sign of a weak immune

autoimmune. (is) JAKARTA, Immune system is the foremost shield against viruses, bacteria, free radicals and other harmful compounds. Having a strong immune system can protect the body from the threat of various diseases. The body’s immune system is made up of white blood cells, antibodies and several other components. This system protects the body … Read more

Wow! Neanderthals Had Better Cognition, Could Give Homo sapiens an edge

Illustration of Homo Sapiens in Neanderthals / WION NEWS JAKARTA, Neanderthal brain size was the same as, if not slightly larger than, modern humans, according to research on skull ancient. However, because soft tissues do not survive well in the fossil record, nothing is known about Neanderthal brain development. Neanderthals, Stone Age hominins that … Read more

Know the Symptoms of Bronchitis in Babies, Before Regret!

Illustration Bayi (Photo: Freepik) JAKARTA, Illness bronchitis does not only attack adults, but can even affect children now. Bronchitis in infants occurs when the airways that connect the baby’s throat and lungs (bronchial) become inflamed. Bronchitis is divided into two types, namely acute and chronic. Acute bronchitis usually develops quickly and does not last … Read more

Smokers Must Know! 5 Right Ways to Clean the Lungs

Smoking Illustration (Photo: Pixabay) JAKARTA, Everyone wants paru-paru clean and healthy. Moreover, every day the human lungs are always exposed to deadly pollutants and microbes that settle in the air we breathe. Stop smoking be the first step to trying to control health. Smokers can do various ways to clean the lungs damaged by … Read more

Not Many Know! Turns out, a tweak in Jupiter’s orbit could help life on Earth

The appearance of a black spot on the planet Jupiter / NASA JAKARTA, Jupiter isn’t just one big lump of gas in the Solar System. It’s much more than that. Jupiter absorbs a lot of space rock that moves towards the inner Solar System, Earth’s environment. This means that Jupiter may have saved us … Read more

Alert! Huge Asteroid Heading For Earth, Approaching Tuesday

Asteroid Illustration / Freepik JAKARTA, An asteroid is heading towards Earth but according to an official statement released by NASA, there is no reason to worry. Asteroid which is named Asteroid 2022 RQ is very large but will disappear from Earth in a considerable distance. According to the latest calculations, the distance between Earth … Read more

Cool! Scientists Create First 3D Binary Star System Orbiting Planet

Dead Star Rips Planet in ‘Cosmic Cannibalism’ / Wion News JAKARTA, Search exoplanet we continue. With the help of the latest technology, we have built a powerful telescope that can not only scan the sky for what is visible, but also which can show the development of light that is invisible to the human … Read more

Artemis-1 launch is still being delayed, this is Elon Musk’s suggestion

Elon Musk owns Spacex and Tesla (Photo: Twitter New York Post) JAKARTA, Artemis Mission NASA to the Moon has been marred by delays. The launch of Artemis-1 was scheduled and delayed again and again. SpaceX billionaire and CEO Elon Musk now has advice for NASA. At launch, NASA Artemis-1 engineers were unable to cope … Read more

Wow! What Are Rocky Earth-like Exoplanets in the Habitable Zone Around Dim Red Dwarf Stars?

SPECULOOS Southern Observatory Telescope in the Atacama desert Photo: wion news JAKARTA, A pair of Earth-sized rocky planets orbiting a faint red dwarf star in the habitable zone may be Planet ekstrasurya the second most Earth-like ever discovered. The planets are known as LP 890-9b, which was previously discovered but with little information, and … Read more