Hacker Killnet attempted to attack Genoa and Savona – Liguria port sites

Blocked by the postal police of Genoa and by the technicians of the Asdp Port Authority The site of the port system authorities of Genoa and Savona ended up under hacker attack this morning. It was the Port Authority itself that gave the news in a short press release: The attack was repelled thanks to … Read more

Russian hacker attack Killnet against Italian institutional sites

Attack by Killnet’s Russian hackers on Italian institutional sites, including those of some ministries. In particular, since 22 yesterday a hacker attack has been underway on some sites including that of the Ministry of Education and that of Cultural Heritage, the CSM and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The action is attributable to Russian hackers … Read more

Hacker attack on Italian institutional sites claimed by Killnet

Technology Senate hacker attack claimed by Russian group Killnet: who they are Behind the problems caused to various Italian sites is one of the most active Russian hacker groups which, since the war in Ukraine began, has claimed responsibility for – among others – attacks on Romanian and Polish government sites and some sites of … Read more

Russian programmer Killnet declares “holy war” – Lithuania is also in sight

The video “Russian Programmers” spreading on social networks, with the song “Holy War” from the time of the Second World War in the background, announces the beginning of a “global attack on the USA, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Romania, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland and Ukraine”. The Russian program groups Specnaz Legion and Killnet are promised … Read more

Ukraine, pro-Russian hacker collective Killnet announces “war on ten countries” including Italy. The site of the Italian police was also affected

“According to foreign media, Killnet attacked Eurovision and was blocked by the Italian police. But Killnet did not attack Eurovision. Today, however, we officially declare war on ten countriesincluding thedeceptive Italian police“. It is the claim of the collective from hacker filorusso ‘Killnet’ appeared on its channels Telegram. Although the note is said to the … Read more

Senate hacker attack claimed by Russian group Killnet: who they are

3/11 ©Ansa Killnet, come scrive Republicbecame quite famous after April 3, 2022, since another group of hackers, Bluehornet / Atw, leaked some personal data of what could be some of the group leader: the leaders are probably between 20 and 21 years old. One of these would be resident in Belgorod / Oblast, Russia. And … Read more