Russia. A drone with several kilograms of explosives crashed near Moscow

A drone with several kilograms of explosives crashed near Moscow A drone carrying 17 kilograms of explosives crashed near Moscow, according to Russian media. The machine was found on Sunday by one of the inhabitants of the city of Noginsk. The Russian telegram channel Baza reported that the drone went down nearby Noginskaover 100,000 inhabitants … Read more

He lost 21 kilograms. It was enough to stick to two rules

WP SportoweFakty / Kacper Kolenda / In the photo: Apoloniusz Tajner Robert Czykiel April 22, 2023, 11:53 Apoloniusz Tajner has undergone a spectacular metamorphosis in recent years. The former president of the PZN admitted in the “Wieczorny Express” program that his much younger wife was to blame for this. Apoloniusz Tajner’s relationship with Izabela Podolec … Read more

Katarzyna Gąsienica lost ten kilograms. She revealed her secret. “I don’t follow any diet”

Katarzyna Gąsienica is known for programs such as “Gogglebox. Before TV” or “Asia Express”. Recently, she boasted of a huge metamorphosis. The celebrity lost as much as ten kilograms. She revealed how she is losing weight. Katarzyna Gąsienica became known to the viewers as a woman with a distance to herself and a great sense … Read more

“ZUMBA Burn It Up! “How many kilograms can you lose in a month in the public weight loss challenge documentary video? Zumba: Burn It Up!

Seya Co., Ltd. released the use of “Zumba: Burn it Up! New Price Edition, a documentary video of the weight-loss challenge, which is currently on sale. 《Zumba: Burn it Up!》is a world-wide lifestyle course combining Zumba, fitness, entertainment, culture and other elements, packaged into 3 game modes, and up to 4 players can play at … Read more

WFH 3 Days a Week in Jakarta, Save 42 Hours and 190 Kilograms of CO2 Free – Work from home alias work from home (WFH) has started to be carried out a lot in Indonesia since the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, WFH is a trend that is still widely implemented by a number of companies. According to research published by global navigation system manufacturer, TomTom, there are at least two main … Read more

finally realized when the lost kilograms will not return

Justina Gedgaudaitė was interviewed by the news radio show “Satūs ir ļalīni”; prepared by Gabrielė Grinkaitė, News radio 2023 m. kovo 12 d. 08:50 “I was constantly hungry, I wanted to eat all day, I was always thinking about food. I used to overeat, I went to vomit. Stomach ulcers started”, – this is how … Read more

Man lost in forest for 31 days survived because he “ate worms” Relatives found again, lost 17 kilograms of weight

Man lost in forest for 31 days – March 2 BBC Report on the miraculous survival of Mr John Nathan Acosta A 30-year-old Bolivian man after hunting in Amazon forest In the north of the country With 4 other friends on January 25, the past but was lost and stuck in the forest for 31 … Read more

Giant tortoise weighing 30 kilograms dumped in ditch | Abroad

“We were called by the police with the report that a ‘problem turtle’ had surfaced along the Leugenboomstraat,” says SOS Reptiel. “Our team went to the scene and determined that it was an African spurred turtle. Unfortunately, the animal had already died. A hiker had seen the animal lying in a ditch and laid it … Read more

Dovydas Laukys lost more than 20 kg: “Sport helped me to cope psychologically” | Names

Sport has accompanied Dovydas Laukis since childhood – he has been playing sports since he was six years old, when his parents took him to karate lessons. Actor for the portal told that he was always engaged in some kind of active physical activity, but added that a couple of years ago his physical … Read more

The miracle girl.. A Brazilian woman gives birth to a girl who weighs more than 5 kilograms after reaching menopause (video)

The Spanish magazine “Semana” said that a 41-year-old Brazilian woman, doctors assured her that she had reached menopause and would not be able to have children, but she gave birth to a baby girl weighing more than 5 kilograms, and the doctors called her the “miracle girl.” And the Spanish magazine indicated that after the … Read more