Can’t find an older Octavia with a low ride? These gave an unusually small portion of kilometers

Thanks to its versatility, the Škoda Octavia is a car that often swallows kilometers in bulk for its owners. Nevertheless, it is possible to find pieces with a surprisingly low run-in. For example, we were interested in two specimens that are currently for sale in Germany. In addition to the low number on the odometer, … Read more

Near the equator… the great discovery on Mars

the date 3/18/2023 10:00:22 AM (MENAFN-Al-Bayan) Near the equator, 6 kilometers long and four kilometers wide, lies the great discovery on Mars. It is the remains of a glacier, suggesting that a form of water still exists in an area on the ‘Red Planet’. Scientists detected the remains of mineral deposits near the equatorial region … Read more

“They traveled hundreds of kilometers to come to Verviers!”

If it is characteristic of a bookseller to have good stories in stock, the latest from the owner of La Traversée, in Verviers, will touch the hearts of all those Verviétois who cherish their city. ********* ********** **** *** ** ***** ** ****** ** ********* ********************* ** ** **** **** **** *********************** ** ****** ** … Read more

The headquarters of the Russian border guards in Rostov-on-Don are on fire: black smoke visible for kilometers away

And fire broke out in the headquarters of border guards in Rostovcapital of the homonymous Russian province bordering on Ukraine: it is the FSB headquartersthe internal security services, at 20 via Sievers. Some witnesses cited by Telegram channels said they had heard explosion before the flames broke out.

many kilometers in line on the E411 between Daussoulx and Aische-en-Refail due to rehabilitation works

** **** ******* *********** ****** ***** *** ** ******** ** **** ***** ****** *** *** **** *** ***** ** ******** ** ************ **** ******* *** ******* ******* *** ** ******** ******* ***** ********* ** **************** ** ********* ** ********** ******* *********** ** ************ *** ********** ** *********** **** *** **** ***** ** *** ********* ** … Read more

The US bomber flew 200 kilometers from St. Petersburg – BNN

The strategic bomber B-52 of the US Air Force on Saturday flew along the northwestern borders of Russia approximately 200 kilometers from St. Petersburg, reported on Sunday, March 12 Radio Freedom. The bomber was escorted by Polish jet fighters. The flight took place on Saturday night in the Gulf of Finland area, according to the … Read more

US strategic bomber flew over the Baltic Sea 200 kilometers from St. Petersburg

On March 11, an American B-52Н Stratofortress strategic bomber with the call sign NOBLE61 flew over the Baltic Sea. This is evidenced by the data of the service FlightRadar24. The plane took off from Poland, flew over Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, and then turned around the island of Hogland in the Gulf of Finland, 200 … Read more

Several kilometers in line on the outer ring of Brussels following the fall of a tree

A tree fell on the road at Hal, on the outer ring of Brussels, this morning. This caused many traffic jams, especially in the direction of France. Cars can currently only use one lane. “At the start, three lanes were blocked,” explains Peter Bruyninckx, from the Flemish Mobility Centre. “The passage remains difficult, all traffic … Read more

The price starts from RMB 245,900, and the WLTC pure electric driving range is up to 73 kilometers. Dongfeng Honda Honda CR-V e:PHEV is officially launched | U-CAR News

The sixth-generation Honda CR-V will be officially released in the United States in July 2022. The US market will provide a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine and a 2.0-liter Sport Hybrid gasoline-electric hybrid system. Dongfeng Honda will also launch in September 2022. The new-generation CR-V will be launched at the end of the month. The first launch … Read more