Traffic on the Via Baltica has been paralyzed for 55 kilometers due to snow and accidents

Due to difficult weather conditions and several traffic accidents, traffic on the Via Baltica road in Lithuania, which stretches from about 55 kilometers from Marijampolė to the Polish border, was paralyzed on Friday. According to Ieva Šlivinskiene, a representative of the Marijampolė police, the road maintenance services are unable to clear the snow and scatter … Read more

The Dan fell to the Škoda 110. In 27 years, he traveled hundreds of thousands of kilometers across Europe

Tue Pol Halvorsen from Denmark is an enthusiastic Škoda driver. And he even loves his 110 L so much that he takes long journeys around Europe with her. He had driven over 300,000 kilometers with the car like this. The 70-year-old, who made his living as a bus driver in Copenhagen until he retired, has … Read more

With two hundred kilometers per hour in a new car on the A28 near Zwolle, driver will cost a driver’s license

We would like to know in which area you live, so that we can offer you more news from your own region. That is why we would like to know your location when you visit the RTV Oost website. The information about your place of residence or other data is collected anonymously and never shared … Read more

Humans Have Organs Over 100 Thousand Kilometers, What Organs Are They? The human vascular system has a length of up to 100 thousand kilometers. – Amazing facts about the human body are always interesting to watch. One of them, humans have an important organ that has a length of up to 100 thousand kilometers. What organ is that? As friends know, humans have blood … Read more

NASA says it will pass an asteroid 1.93 million kilometers from Earth on the 19th

An image depicting NASA’s ‘Double Asteroid Orbital Correction Experiment’ (DART) spacecraft approaching the asteroids Dimorphus and Didymos close to Earth. EPA Yonhap News An asteroid with a diameter of 1 km is expected to pass through Earth’s closest junction on the 19th (Korean time). It is known that there is no possibility of a collision … Read more

They travel with a Tesla Model S 1,200 kilometers without recharging!

Along with its high price, the main drawback that users find when purchasing an electric vehicle is its autonomy and that the chemistry of its batteries has been undergoing significant improvements, being the Mercedes EQS the best example, as it is capable of traveling up to 741 kilometers between charges. A very remarkable figure that, … Read more

Chrysler’s first concept electric car has a range of up to 650 kilometers

The Chrysler Airflow Concept features a dynamic design proportion, with a low ride height and streamlined, two-tone roof line that achieves an elegant yet athletic profile. The American car brand Chrysler has been neglected for quite a long time, so that it has only now been proposed for the first time to launch the first … Read more

German traveled 1.5 million kilometers in Tesla Model S – Motor

As for the power plant, Tesla has used at least four engines over the years. Three motors have developed resources up to 680 thousand kilometers, and the fourth brought the electric car at least up to a million kilometers. In all likelihood, he had to be replaced, but there is no information about this. At … Read more

More kilometers, less ketchup: how Conté has already transformed Tottenham?

The Spurs run more, cash less and score more. The Italian’s enthronement has, unsurprisingly, breathed new life into North London. It is said that the arrival of a new coach often produces only short-term effects, that the impact wears off after just a few weeks. Especially if the equipment at his disposal is not up … Read more

Tesla Model S has a range of 1,200 kilometers with a new type of battery

A Tesla Model S covered over 1,000 kilometers with a battery from the US start-up ONE. Our Next Energy (ONE), a two-year-old tech startup from the US state of Michigan, has a prototype of its new battery in one Tesla Model S tested. Like the battery manufacturer announced on Wednesday, the Tesla with the battery … Read more