“Margie” is really crazy “Justin Bieber” comes to Thailand, buy 50 thousand tickets! Faun cuts a new dress and is waiting. in front of me must stand out

“Margie Rasri” makes a comeback for the drama not attached to the role of mother but can’t accept as many as before Revealed not celebrating with “Kimberly” laughed. The other person sent a picture of a diamond ring to ginger. ask Says the size of the ring doesn’t matter. It’s up to the person giving … Read more

“Margie” already answered the reason why he didn’t go. Witness the love of “Mak” and ask “Kim” to marry!?

I must say that the latest “Margie Rasri” that’s fineopen your mouth cause did not go Witness the love moment “Mak Prin” asks “Kim” to marry by “Margie Rasri” has posted a message saying “We knew all along, we really had to join in that moment, but we couldn’t go, so we sent our support … Read more

Kimberly Flores with Celia Lora ¿Amigas?

Telemundo Kimberly Flores with Celia Lora Kimberly Flores published a photograph on his social networks that sparked good comments, in the snapshot you can see to the model sharing with Celia Lora and her family. Kimberly was invited to the birthday of the mother of the Mexican playmate, on her official Instagram account, Flores shared … Read more

“Kimberly” survived covids – update the case of lost bags | Channel 8

“Kimberly” is glad to have survived covids, reveals that he flew to Paris and touched a lot of celebrities’ shoulders, explains that he still has no plans to decorate Ready to update the case of the lost bag has not yet progressed beautiful actress “Kimberly” in an interview with the media. “Flighted to attend a … Read more

Edwin Luna and Kimberly Flores in marital crisis?

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Fans go wild with the trailer for ‘Kimberly Loaiza: the movie’

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Kimberly Loaiza falls in love with her fans wearing her spectacular figure in a swimsuit

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Ann Thongprasom shows off her short hair look, meets someone who greets you as Kimberly, so she says this.. Shout it out!

Ann Thongprasom shows off her amazing look. tell me to try short hair But meet people who say it’s Kimberly So crush like this, very loud, but this look, Kimberly is still shocked. Image from Instagram annethong created quite a bit of hilarity For the young heroine Ann Thongprasom, after revealing the picture in a … Read more

Andean Community fines Family and Kimberly Clarck for price manipulation

The companies punished are Family Products, Sancela Family Products from Ecuador, Colombian Kimberly Colpapel and Kimberly Clark from Ecuador. These organizations are accused of infringe the conditions of free competition in the Andean market for soft papers, having reached an agreement to manipulate the final prices for the consumer. The CAN indicated in Official report … Read more

Toilet paper poster: the millionaire fine to Kimberly and Family – Business – Economy

For violating the competition rules in the Andean soft paper market, the General Secretariat of the Andean Community determined to sanction the companies Colombian Kimberly Colpapel and Kimberly Clark from Ecuador, as well as Products Family and Sancela Family Products from Ecuador. (Read also: What happens if I have completed the weeks but not the … Read more