The UAE Embassy in Washington: American lawyer Assem Ghafoor is convicted of money laundering and tax evasion

It confirmed that he had conducted financial transactions on his accounts in the country by an unidentified third party The Emirati embassy in Washington said that the case of the American lawyer, Assem Ghafour, has been exchanged between the UAE and the United States within the framework of intensive cooperation to combat cross-border money laundering … Read more

Why did the Spanish star Fabregas choose to join a second division club in Italy?

He fell Cesc Fabregas Yesterday, Monday, the first of August (August), the contracts to join the submerged club Como, competing in the Italian second division, came as a resounding surprise due to the great transformation in the career of the Spanish star crowned with the 2010 World Cup title. Fabregas (35 years old) began his … Read more

The brilliance of Messi and Neymar gives Paris Saint-Germain the French Super Cup

The harmony between Argentine stars Lionel Messi and Brazilian Neymar brought back memories of their brilliance together in the ranks of Barcelona, ​​as the two players gave new coach Christophe Galtier his first title with Paris Saint-Germain in the French Champions Cup (Super) at the expense of Nantes 4-0, by scoring three goals.Messi opened the … Read more

The Tunisian Elections Authority expects an increase in the turnout in the referendum

Mohamed Al-Tilili Al-Mansri, spokesman for the Tunisian High Elections Authority, said that the turnout in the referendum on the new constitution, estimated at 27.54 percent, is “approximate and preliminary”, which was an expected result given several factors and causes, most notably that a large number of Tunisians spend their summer vacation. Also, many Tunisians residing … Read more

Debt repayment risks surround dozens of countries

The classic signs of debt crises of currency collapses, bond yields spreads of 1,000 basis points, and declining foreign-currency reserves point to a record number of developing countries now in trouble.Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Russia, Suriname and Zambia have already defaulted, Belarus is on the brink, and at least a dozen other countries are in danger, … Read more

Detection of a space signal similar to a “heartbeat” coming from a distant galaxy

A number of astronomers have spotted an unusual and frequent space signal from a distant cosmic galaxy. It turns out that this stream of radio energy flashes in a rhythm similar to a heartbeat. Scientists say that this signal is a fast radio burst, or powerful and mysterious explosions of energy that come from the … Read more

King Salman-Erdogan Joins as Trade Allies of Putin Cs

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Egypt will reportedly soon join the BRICS trade pact. This was stated by the President of BRICS, Purnima Anand. To the media Russia Today, applications to include the three countries will be discussed at the BRICS meeting in South Africa (South Africa) next year. He said joining … Read more

Former Saudi spy calls Prince Mohammed bin Salman a psychopath

loading… The former number two in Saudi Arabia’s intelligence agency, Dr Saad Al-Jabri, called Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman a psychopath. Photo/CBS News WASHINGTON – Saad Al-Jabri, former top spy agency Arab Saudi accusing the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman a psychopath who is dangerous to his people. Al-Jabri, who lives in exile in Canada, … Read more

Will Ousmane Dembele continue in Barcelona after months of procrastination?

The last hours are witnessing a noticeable change in the course of the club’s negotiations Barcelona The Spaniard, with his French player Ousmane Dembelewhose contract expired on June 30, and the two parties are seeking to sign a new contract. The negotiations between Barcelona officials on the one hand, and the young international player and … Read more

Inflation and rate hike put the US economy in the face of a hurricane

head approved Federal Reserve BoardJerome Powell, that raising the Federal Reserve interest rates It won’t solve two of the biggest problems facing American families right now: rising gas and commodity prices and strategy. During a Senate Banking Committee hearing, Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren Powell urged a cautious but cautious proceeding with interest rate hikes and … Read more