NBA: The Man Who Made Michael Jordan King Midas Of The NBA: “I Can’t Let The Lies Perpetrate”

NBA Sonny Vaccaro, the player who put Jordan in contact with Nike Michael Jordan on his time with the Bulls Andy Hayt/NBAE via Getty Images Pfor many the name of Sonny Vaccaro just be relevant. For others, fans of the world of sneakers (or ‘sneakerheads’), Vaccaro will always be one of the capital characters to … Read more

The exiled king of Albania who was expelled from Spain for possessing an arsenal of weapons

The exiled king of Albania who was expelled from Spain for possessing an arsenal of weapons Pilar Benegas is a renowned journalist with extensive experience in important US media, such as LaOpinion, Miami News, The Washington Post, among others. She has been the editor-in-chief of Es de Latino since 2019. Related

Xbox and King Ice Unveil Jewelery Line to Celebrate Xbox Series Debut

Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord / Forums It was known that the debut of Xbox Series X | S would be big worldwide and Microsoft has not been responsible in that sense as it has been in charge of announcing with great fanfare that a new … Read more

“The Apostle of Quebec”: this is the new “palace” of “king” Paul Mukendi

A few months after bankruptcy and the foreclosure of his house, the pastor guilty of sexual assault on a minor, Paul Mukendi, has just moved into a luxurious residence acquired for $ 625,000 by his wife. “The apostle of Quebec” who was convicted of sexual assault on a young faithful and sentenced to eight years … Read more

Burger King renews with the eSports club X6tence, Empresas y Negocios

Burger King Spain has renewed its agreement with x6tence, the oldest esports club in our country. In this way, and after more than a year of partnership, the renowned restaurant chain renews itself as the club’s official sponsor and consolidates its pioneering commitment to electronic sports -in line with its commitment to disruptive ideas and … Read more

Atletico Madrid vs Barcelona: Atletico Madrid vs Barcelona: A wall awaits the king

Atletico Madrid vs Barcelona A huge match at the Wanda Atletico Madrid‘s clash with Barcelona this Saturday has a number of subplots. From Joao Felix‘s fine fun of form, Antoine Griezmann returning to what was his home, Jan Oblak‘s gloves and Lionel Messi‘s fine left foot, which has fired him to seven Pichichis, there’s a … Read more

The king of adulterated diesel denies everything and his lawyer seeks the prescription

Can the king of adulterated diesel be freed from prison by a statute of limitations? That is what his lawyer is looking for, who in the oral hearing held this Friday against Emilio Torrecillas Martínez, 65 years old and a native of Albanchez, raised a series of preliminary questions that will be finally resolved when … Read more

Scandalous images: the king of Thailand escorted by staff crawling around him

A journalist specializing in the royal family of Thailand published images showing King Maha Vajiralongkorn escorted by staff crawling around him Source: AFP Thailand is one of the monarchies most lavish on the planet and also one of the questioned. This weekend, a journalist specialized in the royal family of that country public In social … Read more

Chief of Staff to Trump: We do not swear before a king or tyrant

The highest command of the US Army, faced with the recent changes of Donald Trump in the Pentagon, affirmed that the military does not swear before a tyrant or dictator. The Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark Milley, stressed that every member of the US Armed Forces has a duty to … Read more

King Scorpio receiving a reboot from Dwayne Johnson

The Scorpion King debut in Spain in 2002, with Dwayne Johnson setting foot outside of WWE and beginning to emerge in his Hollywood career. Almost 20 years later, the film returns to us precisely from the hand of Johnson producing su reboot under the wings of Universal. The actor considers that this IP is still … Read more