Philip Kirkorov, who appeared in public, caught the journalist’s unexpected question: his reaction showed cowardice

At one event, journalists decided to ask him again about the so-called “special operation” in Ukraine – again in vain, informs UNIAN. The artist listened to the reporters and then just escaped. And that means he didn’t answer the question again. The moment was filmed, it was announced on the Telegram channel by journalist and … Read more

Lost hair and beard: Kirkorov was shocked by the transformation

The celebrity is ready for a lot for the sake of new roles. Philip Kirkorov surprised netizens with his reincarnation for the role of Peter I. The celebrity shared the corresponding video on his personal social networks. Thinking over the image of the Russian emperor, the creators of the series decided to reproduce it very … Read more

Complaint Board: Where’s my money for the Kirkorov concert?

The “Complaint Board” section is a content platform where viewers and readers share their experiences and observations. The user of services is responsible for the fact that the content published on the content platform “Complaint Board” has been obtained legally and the user has the right to use and use this information in … Read more

Kirkorov faces serious inconvenience after scandalous dances on the cross: Muslim community reacts

On the occasion of his birthday, the singer wanted to organize an unforgettable show and he succeeded, announces True, the consequences are painful. Kirkorov’s satanic dances on the cross during the song “Mary Magdalene” caused a real scandal. The performer was accused of insulting the feelings of believers. In addition, a complaint has been … Read more

Kirkorov could not stand Baskov’s vile tricks: this is what he said

Nikolai Baskov was seriously hurt for trying to pass off stolen ideas as his own. After all, he encroached on the property of Philip Kirkorov himself, whose answer was not long in coming. It was the king of the pop scene who first proposed holding the Russian Eurovision Song Contest. And the Basques stole the … Read more

Sergey Lavrov made a statement about the departure of Kirkorov from Russia

“Philip is like a child. For him, this is the last happiness, a toy. He lived this Eurovision all year, he was preparing all year, and then they took away a toy from a child. Of course, he wanted to go there, and he did. He will probably understand that this is bad, but he … Read more

Kormukhina spoke about the conflict with Kirkorov

The singer could not verbally defend the position. Kormukhina tried to prove to the pop king that the public deserves respect. Olga Kormukhina frankly admitted that communication with Kirkorov was difficult for her. The king of pop not only refused to listen, but also treated someone else’s position without elementary respect. «It’s true. I beat … Read more

Kirkorov found a way to get into “Eurovision”: he was pleased with the exclusive attention of the organizers

This decision is not an obstacle for the pro-Russian singer Filip Kirkorov. On the day of the first semifinal, the man became a mustache behind his followers on the Instagram social network – he shared stories of him walking around Monaco calmly and invited him to guess where he was raising his wings this time. … Read more

Kirkorov: invited for “merit” in “Eurovision” VIP lodge in Turin

The first semi-final of Eurovision 2022 took place in Turin on 10 May. Russia does not have a chance to appear in any of the semi-finals this year – it was removed from the list of participants in February when it started the war against Ukraine. Despite the restrictions, the Russian pop singer Filip Kirkorov, … Read more