Klaus received a fine of CZK 8,000 for a misdemeanor, and he has to pay the costs of the proceedings

The information was confirmed by Klaus’s lawyer Zdeněk Koudelka. The ex-president must also pay another thousand crowns as costs of proceedings. Klaus will file an administrative lawsuit against the verdict before the Municipal Court in Prague, Koudelka said. The amount of the fine is slightly lower than originally set by the Prague hygienic station, which … Read more

Corona antidote: Innoplexus wants to use big data against viruses

WORLD: Mr. Bhardwaj, your company Innoplexus has the world’s largest data platform in pharmaceutical research. With artificial intelligence, your computer algorithms search, among other things, for active ingredients to treat many diseases. Did you get the inspiration for your company from a very sad occasion? Gunjan Bhardwaj: Yes that’s right. My greatest inspiration was the … Read more

Vaclav Klaus Jr. wants to be a shooter, but he acts like a scumbag

During the one-year existence of his new project Tricolor, this ambitious rival of the SPD in the “swamp” category, Václav Klaus Jr. did not show us much other than cowardice. And actually not before. It’s almost sad to watch Klaus, who, unlike Okamura’s high-stapler, always pretended to have values ​​he truly believes in, becomes a … Read more