Czech car companies have been knocked around, they have helped the industry to grow

Czech industry grew by 1.7 percent year-on-year in June. The growth was helped by strengthening production in automobile production, in which automakers caught up with the decline in production from previous months thanks to improved supplies of some parts. In other industries, for example in metallurgy or wood production, on the other hand, growth stopped. … Read more

He denies having knocked down and hit his partner in the middle of the night in Seraing: a camera filmed everything

A man was deprived of his liberty for beating his partner in Seraing on Thursday July 28, the Liège prosecutor’s office reported on Saturday. Present in a car with his partner around 1 a.m., the individual struck him several blows during a heated discussion. While the victim managed to leave the vehicle, she was brought … Read more

MMA | Surprise in the UFC! The Slovak fighter showed off his skill and knocked down the Welsh dragon

Both are great stand-ups, and it was exactly in that spirit that the first five-minute episode, which absorbed the audience, was carried out. There were very hard blows from both sides, but Jones had a slightly more lively impression, as he put pressure on his opponent by working at the net. However, Klein did not … Read more

Security guard killed when demonstrators knocked down fence

Palopo, South Sulawesi – The Student Alliance demonstration held at the Palopo District Attorney’s Office, South Sulawesi claimed lives. A security guard died as a result of being crushed by an iron fence that was broken down by demonstrators. The victim, named Abdul Aziz, suffered injuries from a hard impact on his head. The police … Read more

Shocking case: A policeman knocked down a man, stuffed the body into a trunk and drove home with him

He stabbed the girl 46 years ago. The family tree has now revealed the killer, the police were shocked by the name Twenty-five-year-old Louis, who joined the Newark Police Department in 2019, according to the American television server the NBC station he did not render aid to the victim or call the police. Instead – … Read more

Video – The Chinese fighter surprised the Russian and knocked him down

Russian Muslim Salikhov unexpectedly fell in front of his Chinese challenger Li Jingliang in the main fight that brought them together on Sunday, in the “UFC on ABC” mixed martial arts tournament, at the “UBS Arena” in New York. Despite the control of Salikhov in the first round, he got tired of it in the … Read more

The signs of the hour inevitably appear: A mother allows her teenage daughter to marry her brother… On the wedding night, the shock of a lifetime that shocked the mother and knocked her to the ground.!!

A woman discovers at her son’s wedding in China that his future wife was actually her long-lost daughter. The woman was reportedly able to identify her daughter, who had been separated from her for many years, by a birthmark on her hand on the day of the ceremony. During the event, which was held on … Read more

The Czech archer created a sensation. He knocked out the world number two

The Czech archer entered the Players Championship series tournaments at the beginning of July as a substitute, yet he caused a sensation in one of them. At the nineteenth tournament of the year in this series, Sedláček claimed the valuable scalp of world number two Gerwyna Price in the second round. He managed to close … Read more

Knocked out in the first round, Jindrová destroyed her opponent and has over half a million crowns

Jindrová also won in her third match of the PFL series and secured her participation in the semi-finals of the play-off, which will be hosted by London in August, and the Czech fighter will thus face two-time Olympic champion and world judo champion Kayla Harrison, who has never lost in MMA in her career. . … Read more

Katie’s tears. She lost her grandmother, knocked off Plíšková and is the darling of Britain

A day after the painful eliminations of Andy Murray and Emma Raducanu, the British tennis nation experienced sweet satisfaction. The audience applauded the three domestic advances to the third round, while twenty-five-year-old Katie Boulter managed to attract the most attention. London (from our correspondent) – When they entered the center court in all their glory, … Read more