The court released Kočner in the case of taking the skeins out of prison

Although the expert confirmed Kočner’s writing on the skeins he sent from prison through his lawyer, according to the chairman of the senate, sending the skeins is not a obstruction of justice. “There is nothing written that would establish the criminality of the act,” said the chairman of the senate. In his closing remarks, the … Read more

Another indictment of Kočner and Zsuzsová from the Kuciak case, they were supposed to murder in the judiciary

The Slovak prosecutor filed a charge against five people, including the controversial businessman Marian Kočner, in the case of the preparation of unfinished murders of prosecutors and a lawyer. With reference to the statement of the General Prosecutor’s Office, it was written on Tuesday by the portal. Kočner is currently serving a long prison … Read more

Kočner was accused of plotting the murders of three prosecutors

Žilinka is currently the Attorney General of the Slovak Republic, Lipšic is the Head of the Special Prosecutor’s Office and Šufliarsky is the Prosecutor of the General Prosecutor’s Office. “I have information from the investigator that the investigation should be in the final phase,” Supreme Prosecutor Michal Šúrek told Denník N. Kočner was to place … Read more

The Supreme Court criticized the verdict on Kočner as contrary to elementary logic – Domestic – News

VIDEO: Peter Kubina, Kuciakov’s representative, on the Supreme Court ruling. “The Supreme Court found that the court of first instance ruled prematurely, insufficiently reasoned the judgment, evaluated some evidence without interrelationship and also assessed evidence that it did not take,” said Peter Paluda, chairman of the three-member Senate of the Supreme Court. “If the Specialized … Read more

Kočner was looking for someone to take over Kuciak’s murder, it was heard in court

Zoltán Andruskó, the convicted mediator of Kuciak’s murder, said this in a Slovak court on Monday. He cooperated with the police in the investigation of the crime and now acts as a witness in the case. Kočner and other defendants described the previous statements of Andruskó, who had previously testified against Kočner, as a lie. … Read more