Kolbermoor: This is how the Am Moorgarten urban housing estate was spruced up

Freshly painted outer facade and balconies: The house with number 13 (left) was the model house – the workers used this as a guide. The other houses with the numbers 14.15, 16 and 12 were then partially renovated. Weinzierl / City of Kolbermoor © weinzierl / City of Kolbermoor That was a precision landing: the … Read more

Incident from Kolbermoor in court: Radldieb cannot be determined

Two former prisoners of the Bernau correctional facility met again in front of the local court: one accused the other of having drawn up a purchase agreement for a bicycle. © picture alliance/dpa Nine days the bike of a student from Kolbermoor was gone. Then it reappeared. But who actually stole it in the end could … Read more