Lee Jeong-eun was locked in a cold storage for 30 years. Go Soo X Heo Joon-ho X Ahn So-hee Shocking Missing They Were There 2

Lee Jeong-eun has been locked in a cold storage for 30 years. In the tvN Monday/Tuesday drama ‘Missing: They Were There 2’, which aired on the night of the 30th, Wook (Go Soo), Pan-seok (Heo Jun-ho), and Jong-ah (Ahn So-hee) learned the truth about the death of Eun-sil (Lee Jeong-eun). Jong-ah, who was investigating Eun-sil’s … Read more

Lee Hye-sung has matured like this… Goddess beauty that can be trusted even as an actress

(Photo = Lee Hye-seong SNS) Broadcaster Lee Hye-seong has released a new profile picture. On the 23rd, Lee Hye-seong posted several pictures without any comments. In the photo, Lee Hye-seong, wearing a white shirt, radiates elegant beauty with her long wavy hair undone. Here, her white skin and her high nose make her Lee Hye-sung’s … Read more

Ha Ji-won: I think they worked hard for their grandmother. Sorry for worrying X Guilt. Curtain call

‘Curtain Call’ (Photo=Screen Capture) ‘Curtain Call’ Ha Ji-won showed guilt towards Go Doo-shim. In the KBS 2TV Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Curtain Call’, which aired on December 20th at 9:50 pm, Yoo Jae-heon (Kang Ha-neul) and Seo Yoon-hee (Jung Ji-so) were shown leaving Geum-soon (Go Doo-shim)’s house. On this day, Yoo Jae-heon, who had packed his things, … Read more

Jang Young-ran Recall You are dissatisfied with your transfer farewell

Farewell Recall’ (Photo=Screen capture from the broadcast) Jang Young-ran expressed disapproval at the farewell of Recall’s transfer. In KBS2TV’s ‘Can a farewell be recalled?’, which aired on the 19th, Jang Young-ran was shocked at the recalled woman’s transfer breakup. On this day, the woman recall met X at a club and asked for his phone … Read more

Jiyeon♥Jaekyun Hwang Sweet Maldives honeymoon… Holding hands and making honey dripping eye contact

(Photo=Jiyeon SNS) Group T-ara members Jiyeon and Hwang Jaegyun shared their recent status during their honeymoon. Jiyeon posted a picture with a heart emoticon on the 16th. In the photo, Jiyeon and Hwang Jae-gyun posing at a photo spot against the background of the Maldivian coast were included. In particular, the two hold hands and … Read more

Yang Hak-seon’s roommate, former gymnast recalled from national university, said goodbye more than 10 times while dating

‘Can farewell be recalled?’ (Photo=screen capture from the broadcast) Satire was outraged by the relationship attitude of Recall Nam, a former national gymnast. It was drawn in KBS2TV’s ‘Can a farewell be recalled?’, which aired at 8:30 pm on the 5th. On this day’s broadcast, Recall Nam said, “I was a gymnast and I was … Read more

Dads who came across things when Na-young Kim’s child’s college tuition was the most expensive compared to stock accounts

‘Dads who crossed the water’ (Photo = broadcast screen capture) Kim Na-young revealed that she prepared for the college tuition of her two sons with stocks. On the afternoon of the 4th, MBC’s ‘Dads who crossed the water’, ‘My child’s economic idea! The topic of ‘From when and how should we teach?’ was covered. On … Read more

Hyunyoung Joo It would be nice to have a manager like this

[사진 : tvN ‘연예인 매니저로 살아남기’ 방송 캡처] Actor Joo Hyun-young is being reborn as a perfect manager. In the 7th and 8th episodes of tvN’s ‘Surviving as a Celebrity Manager’, which aired this week, the story of So Hyun-joo (played by Joo Hyun-young), who is gradually growing as a manager, was unfolded. At the … Read more

South Korea vs Ghana MBC 216… 1 in ratings for 9 days in a row

(Photo = MBC) MBC is continuing its march to No. 1 in viewer ratings for the 2022 Qatar World Cup. According to Nielsen Korea, an audience rating research institute on the 29th, MBC ranked first in the 2022 Qatar World Cup group stage match ‘Korea vs Ghana’, which aired on the 28th, recording a 21.6% … Read more

Shocked by the fact that Jung Hye-young and Lee Seo-jin were having an affair X I knew Joo Hyun-young existed It was when Eun-gyeol was in my belly Surviving as a celebrity manager

‘Surviving as a celebrity manager’ (Photo=screen capture) ‘Surviving as a Celebrity Manager’ Jeong Hye-young found out that Lee Seo-jin was having an affair. In the tvN Monday/Tuesday drama ‘Surviving as a Celebrity Manager’, which aired on the afternoon of the 22nd, Song Eun-ha (Jung Hye-young) visited So Hyun-joo (Joo Hyun-young). On this day, Song Eun-ha … Read more