Shin Tae-yong’s Favorite Player Introduced by South Korea’s Elite Club

Sport News, – Shin Tae-yong’s favorite player was introduced to the elite South Korean club Suwon FC on the club’s official Instagram media in January 2022. The player’s name is Sin Jae Won who plays as a right wing midfielder. He is still young at 23 years old. Shin Jae Won is the biological … Read more

South Korea’s defense: New launch from North Korea

The launch took place in northern Pyongan province, the military said in a statement. Yonhap. The launch is also registered by the Coast Guard in Japan. At 14.55, North Korea launched what appears to be one or more long-range missiles, the Japanese message states. The time corresponds to 6.55 Norwegian time. The announcement on Friday … Read more

Celltrion-Humasys, Korea’s only Corona 19 diagnostic kit to enter Amazon… shortage

In the United States, Celltrion DiaTrust COVID-19 Ag Home Test, a rapid antigen self-diagnosis kit jointly developed by Celltrion and Humasys, is out of stock. It is interpreted that this is because the demand for self-diagnostic kits has surged due to the rapid spread of Omicron mutations in the United States. On the 7th, a … Read more

Korea’s largest cosmetics group closes 80% of stores in China | Amorepacific | Innisfree | Withdrawal

[Epoch Times News on January 3, 2022](Epoch Times reporter Li Jing comprehensive report) Since the “THAAD incident”,South KoreaEnterprises are generally cold in the Chinese market.Among them, the Korean cosmetics giantAmorepacific(Amorepacific Corporation)’s brandInnisfree(Innisfree) is currently in the Chinese marketWithdrawalThe rate has exceeded 80%. In fact, almost all foreign-funded cosmetics companies in China have recently withdrawn from … Read more

South Korea’s epidemic heats up, SJ Siyuan suffers breakthrough infection | Super Junior | Chinese Communist virus | Wuhan pneumonia

[Epoch Times December 10, 2021](The Epoch Times reporter Lu Lizhi reported from Taipei, Taiwan) Choi, a member of the popular Korean boy group Super JuniorSiwonInfection confirmed on the 10thChinese Communist virus(COVID-19/Wuhan pneumonia). At present, home quarantine will be carried out as instructed, and all follow-up activities will be cancelled. He had received two full doses … Read more

Seriously! South Korea’s Covid ‘Exploding’, Highest in History

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Daily cases of Covid-19 South Korea (South Korea) exploded again. Ginseng country records new cases breaking through 7,000 for the first time. South Korea’s Agency for Disease Control and Prevention (KDCA) reported 7,175 new infections with 65 deaths, Tuesday (7/12/2021). A total of 840 critical and serious cases. Prime Minister Kim … Read more

Overshadowed by the Omicron variant, South Korea’s COVID-19 cases reach 5 thousand a day

Wednesday, 01 Dec 2021 14:05 WIB Foto Health AP Photo – detikHealth South Korea set a record high for daily cases of the Corona virus (COVID-19). More than 5,000 Corona cases were recorded in the last 24 hours in the country. .

‘Byun Jin-seop’s son’ Byun Jae-joon “Korea’s first artistic player” (‘Miu Bird’)

Singer Byun Jin-seop’s son, Jae-jun Byun, made a surprise appearance. His warm appearance and splendid history that resembled his father drew attention. In SBS ‘My Little Old Boy’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Miu Bird’), which was broadcast on the 28th, Im Won-hee and Jeong Seok-yong were depicted learning artistic swimming, and Byun Jae-jun appeared as … Read more

Worried about China and North Korea’s threats, Japan provides additional budget for the military

Japan provides additional budget for the military amid fears of threats from China and North Korea. Photo/Illustration TOKYO – Japan plans to add $6.75 billion to its already record annual military spending on improving air and sea defenses out of concern about the threat posed by China and North Korea (Jewelry). Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s … Read more

South Korea’s cruel dictator Chun Doo-hwan dies, his widow apologizes

South Korea’s brutal dictator, Chun Doo-hwan, died last Tuesday. Now, her widow is apologizing to the South Korean public for her husband’s brutal rules while in power. Photo/REUTERS SEOUL – Cruel dictator South Korea (South Korea), Chun Doo-hwan, died at the age of 90 last Tuesday. His widow, Lee Soon-ja, on Saturday (27/11/2021), apologized to … Read more