Mario turned Korina around in the same style of ampay Melissa Paredes and Anthony Aranda, video

Were they inspired by Melissa Paredes? Mario Hart He left the Halloween party where he was with all his friends to go to meet a mysterious woman being sheltered in a truck, this scene was filmed for The academy from This is war. In fiction it is suggested that I would have cheated on Korina … Read more

Korina Rivadeneira slaps Mario Hart for revealing that he would like to kiss a Peruvian actress

Unusual! Through a fun video of questions they decided to ask Korina Rivadeneira and Mario Hart In her social networks, the jealousy that the Venezuelan model would feel for a beautiful actress who apparently would be her ‘platonic love’ was evidenced. And it all started when Korina asked Mario which Hollywood actress she would kiss … Read more

Korina Rivadeneira “fainted” with emotion when she beat Allison Pastor in extreme circuit

The mother of Lara Hart he was thrilled when he rang the bell to such an extent that he threw himself on the mat and joked as if he had “passed out” from the thrill of winning over the wife of Erick Elera. Allison failed to finish the competition by falling in the last leg … Read more

Mario Hart and Korina Rivadeneira celebrate their daughter’s birthday with a luxurious party, video

Korina Rivadeneira and Mario Hart They did not skimp on the expenses for their daughter Lara’s first birthday. It is because of that they held a dream party to celebrate the special day with your friends and family. Let us remember that the Venezuelan model planned a luxury celebration for her little baby several weeks … Read more

Mario Hart forgets that he was suspended from ‘EEG’ and goes on a trip with Korina Rivadeneira web eye farandula | EYE-SHOW

Updated on 09/04/2021 04:14 pm Mario Hart is in the eye of the public storm after throwing a punch at his partner Elías Montalvo during a competition in ‘Esto es Guerra’, which is why he was suspended indefinitely from reality. However, what surprised locals and strangers was that the captain of ‘The Combatants’ He decided … Read more

Korina Rivadeneira patches Magaly Medina on Queens of the Show after Allison Pastor’s resignation: “Nobody is giving me anything”, magaly medina the firm, video

Fire! The Venezuelan model Korina Rivadeneira is in the fore after Magaly medina will ensure that she will still be the era she will win this season of Queens of the Show after Allison Pastor’s resignation live last Saturday. Mario Hart’s wife came as a special guest to the latest edition of America Today, and … Read more

Instagram: Korina Rivadeneira excitedly shares her daughter’s first steps

Tender scenes! Korina Rivadeneira He had an exciting time watching his daughter grow. The little girl, who came as a result of her marriage to Mario Hart, took her first steps and the model shared this special moment in Instagram. The participant of Queens of the show did not hesitate to share with her millions … Read more

Mario Hart leaves Peru with his family: “Goodbye” | Korina Rivadeneira | Farándula | SHOWS

Mario Hart He shared on his social networks that he was going on a trip with his wife Korina Rivadeneira And your daughter. It should be noted that the reality boy revealed a few months ago that he could leave the country for political reasons. LOOK: Romina Gachoy: “Jean Paul does not need Angie’s permission” … Read more

Korina Rivadeneira and Mario Hart love this dance with their baby

Korina Rivadeneira and Mario Hart They showed once again the good rhythm they have, and Lara, who will be born in the coming weeks, joined this. Through Instagram, the former competitors of SEE they shared a fun dance. To the rhythm of Caribbean notes, the spouses showed off their best steps and caused reactions and … Read more

Mario Hart and Korina Rivadeneira Instagram would have changed the due date so that it does not coincide with Alejandra Baigorria’s birthday | Said Palao | EEG

Korina Rivadeneira and Mario Hart They are living one of the most beautiful moments of their life, and would be increasingly excited by the arrival of their first daughter. Through their social networksThe couple has not tired of showing all the preparations for the arrival of their little Lara, and they even talked about already … Read more