Lukáš Kovanda: The government is demanding a dividend of 48 crowns from ČEZ. It’s a mockery, she could have wanted 60 crowns

For example, this year the government could draw a larger dividend from CEZ than it proposes. Today’s proposal is 48 crowns per share. According to the market and analysts, it could say more, almost 60 crowns per share. The lower proposal is preparing, for example, five billion crowns, which she could give exclusively to help … Read more

Lukáš Kovanda: How to make money on stagflation?

Inflation is peaking, we will soon hope to slow it down. Even so, we have an extremely difficult time ahead of the economy. Stagflace. Thus, the economic downturn associated with the still significant rise in consumer prices. All this can be read from the latest survey in May among more than three hundred of the … Read more

Lukáš Kovanda: Uncontrollable inflation and dependence on Russian gas. For the first time in 25 years, the Czech Republic is threatened with a downgrade

Fitch expects the Czech Republic’s ability to repay its debts to deteriorate. The government must focus on tackling the energy crisis, tearing inflation and supporting economic growth, urges the prestigious agency, whose recommendations have an impact on the conditions of state lending in the global market. Czech republic for the first time since november 1998, … Read more

Kovanda: A strong ruble is an illusion stemming from the raped market

The ruble has strengthened the most of all the world’s currencies since the beginning of the invasion, by 30 percent against the crown. However, the market with it is raped, because countries such as India and Hungary are already turning away from Russian energy. In the period from the eve of the Russian invasion of … Read more

Kovanda: The economy has been kicked by consumers. But it will only get worse

The Czech Republic’s gross domestic product rose 4.6 percent year on year in the first quarter. He thus exceeded the vast majority of expectations. International analysts polled by Bloomberg expected growth of only 4.3 percent in the average of their estimates. However, the rapid growth is also largely due to the significantly lower base effect … Read more

Lukáš Kovanda: The Czech Republic is facing the worst inflation in 30 years. Gold and apartments will not protect you from it

The Czech Republic faces the highest inflation in 30 years. Silver, art, wine, gold or bitcoin are likely to provide protection from it, but not stocks or real estate. The Czech Statistical Office will publish figures on March inflation tomorrow. He will be a giant. At least for the conditions of this millennium. It is … Read more

Mortgages will tighten from April, thousands of Czechs may forget about them, says Kovanda –

Mortgages will tighten The day after tomorrow, the Czechs will have a slightly lower chance of getting a mortgage. The Czech National Bank will tighten the limits of credit indicators for the provision of mortgages. Stricter conditions will make it more difficult or impossible for up to a tenth of applicants to access a mortgage. … Read more

The Moscow Stock Exchange will open on Monday, the Russian central bank is afraid of the fall of the market, says Kovanda –

Securities will start trading on the Moscow Stock Exchange on Monday. This will happen for the first time since February 25, when the floor was closed due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and its economic and sanctioning effects. Russia’s central bank governor Elvira Nabiullin announced the decision to open the stock exchange in a … Read more

Lukáš Kovanda: A liter of petrol for 50 crowns? It is not excluded

The average price of fuel at Czech filling stations is the highest in history. This is according to CCS data. And it will get worse. Much worse. According to them, a liter of Natural 95 petrol was sold nationwide for an average of 38.82 crowns yesterday. The average price thus exceeded the record price of … Read more

Lukáš Kovanda: Inflation Rises to the Record from 1998, Czechs “Tighten their Belts” After a Long Time

Inflation in December 2021 was 6.6 percent year on year. This is its highest level since September 2008, when it reached the same value. Last year, inflation showed the highest average level since 2008. However, it is still just a “warm-up round” compared to what awaits us this year. This year, the average annual inflation … Read more