Lukáš Kovanda: The Czech Republic is facing the worst inflation in 30 years. Gold and apartments will not protect you from it

The Czech Republic faces the highest inflation in 30 years. Silver, art, wine, gold or bitcoin are likely to provide protection from it, but not stocks or real estate. The Czech Statistical Office will publish figures on March inflation tomorrow. He will be a giant. At least for the conditions of this millennium. It is … Read more

Hackers stole real estate from players from the mythical world

Ronch’s blockchain platform became the target of one of the biggest hacker attacks in history last week. Those of her systems stole cryptocurrencies for about $ 540 million, or about 11.88 billion crowns. However, the current value of the stolen cryptocurrencies is much higher and amounts to approximately $ 615 million, ie about 13.6 billion … Read more

Bitcoin becomes an outsider, says the billionaire. He wants a change in how he works

You can also play the article in audio version. Bitcoin mining is energy-intensive and therefore has an impact on the climate. As a result, several environmental groups, including Greenpeace, have decided to increase pressure on miners and bitcoin holders to rethink their transactions. At present, the entire transaction system of the most famous cryptocurrency in … Read more

Bitcoin has risen above $ 47,000, the highest since early January

Since this year’s low on January 24, bitcoin has gained over 40 percent and is skyrocketing. At around 11:00 CEST, bitcoin, according to the specialized server CoinDesk, gained 5.4 percent to $ 47,057. He rose above $ 47,500 during the session. The second largest cryptocurrency, ethereum, rose 5.7 percent to $ 3,324 at the same … Read more

The threat to bitcoin has been averted. MEPs rejected criticized regulation

Cryptocurrencies – a phenomenon that has been moving the world for over ten years. And legislators are becoming more and more interested. On Monday, the European Parliament’s Economic Committee voted on a new regulation of the virtual currency market, which the parliament has been preparing since 2019. “In the European Parliament’s Economic Affairs Committee, we … Read more

The largest cryptocurrency exchange in the US froze thousands of accounts for Russians

Coinbase is already taking action against Russian cryptocurrency users and has so far blocked more than 25,000 accounts. The move came after growing beliefs in recent weeks that cryptocurrencies could be used to circumvent sanctions imposed on Russia over invasion of Ukraine. According to data from 2021, blocked accounts represent about 0.22 percent of the … Read more

Bitcoin has been strengthening since the Russian invasion, with both Russians and Ukrainians contributing

According to the specialized website CoinDesk, bitcoin strengthened by ten percent to about $ 43,780 on Tuesday around 16:00 CET. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the price of the most famous cryptocurrency has strengthened by about 13 percent The daily volumes of bitcoins traded for rubles since last Thursday increased by … Read more

Bitcoin strengthened sharply, the Russians swarmed the ruble for cryptocurrencies

The growth of bitcoin et al. follows Western sanctions affecting the functioning of the Russian financial system. Citizens of the Russian Federation, for example, have problems withdrawing cash from ATMs, the ruble has weakened sharply. Data virtual currency data providers Kaiko suggest that many Russians have decided to trade their funds for cryptocurrencies. The volume … Read more

Radovan Vávra is planning a project with the controversial company Xixoio

According to Xixoio representatives, their platform offers a revolutionary solution that combines the benefits of ICO (Initial Coin Offering, issue of own token on blockchain with the aim of raising capital – note. red.), such as low cost and speed, and the classic IPO, ie the primary subscription of shares on a regulated stock exchange. … Read more

The US stock market was dominated by technology sales last week

Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft or Meta Platforms. Usual US stock market drivers have launched a steep sell-off in recent days. He was extremely painful even for the world’s richest people, whose fortunes therewith significantly thinned. Tesla boss Elon Musk lost more than $ 25 billion, about 540 billion crowns, due to a drop in securities … Read more